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Subject: I found out a cool way to help PSPUG
Name: Cheryl
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002

When I set up my site a couple of years ago, I put Amazon links on my site - of course, hoping that I would make a lot of money - yea right! I made a whopping $10 in 3 years LOL not even worth talking about. Especially since they don't pay until you get to $25. So what, that is 4-5 years I can wait for my $25 LOL.

BUT, when I looked at the library on this site (even tho it's not in the new layout yet), I saw that the PSPUG also has an affiliate link to Amazon.

I don't know how much they make (I hope a lot cuz I love this site), but I got to thinking, if I had included the PSPUG ID in my affiliate link to Amazon, then they could have profited that $10, and that would have been my little contribution to their site, without it costing me a dime :)

So, when I updated my site last, I changed my link to the PSPUG id. And then I got to thinking some more. What if more members did the same? I am sure more of you have small amounts with Amazon. Why not pool our resources and help out this fantastic group?

Just a thought, but just think, if 100 people did that, then the PSPUG could generate $1000 in 3 years. They should be able to run their site from that and pay for all their expenses and keep improving it for us.

Thank you to all those people that help with this group and make it such a great place to hang out. I love the new look, and noticing that some areas aren't done yet, I can only imagine how much these people put into this site to make it so wonderful for us.

So, anyway, thanks again people and hopefully more members will do what I did and help you a little that way :)


The PSPUG ID is paintshopprous0d

When you do a link pointing to a book, you change the ASIN number on the following link, and that will point you to the book you want, and give PSPUG the money if someone buys it.

eg: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0060957174/paintshopprous0d