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Halloween Contest

From time to time the Paint Shop Pro Users Group runs contests for our members. These activities promote interaction with members and creativity. To the left you will find navigational links to the past contests and information for the current contest.

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About the Contest

Halloween Contest: September 20th – October 31st 2002

To get into the Halloween spirit we are asking you to Design a Pumpkin Cut-out. The design is to be in 2 colors - orange and black - orange being the pumpkin, black being the cutout portion of the design.


Maiden Fair




Because the idea of these images is that they will be transferred on to a pumpkin, the requirements are a little different than usual.

The requirements for this contest are as follows:

  • Use only 2 colors:
    Background Orange: RGB:232,127,12
    Foreground Black: RGB:0,0,0
  • Dimensions: 450" x 450"
  • One (1) image per entry
  • Members can submit up to three (3) entries each. The entries may be changed during the running of the contest but no more than three (3) may be up at any one time.
  • Members are free to use external plug-ins, freeware dingbats and clipart, etc. to help with the creation of your pumpkin design, so long as the design contains only the 2 colors as specified above :)

We're leaving the design totally up to you. You can create ghosts, ghouls, headless beings, faces, bats, whatever you like.


Thank you goes to The Plug-in Site, and Digital Workshop for providing these wonderful prizes for our contest.

2 copies of HyperTyle and 1 copy of Xtras for PSP7