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They Are Coming! Contest

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About the Contest

They are coming!: September 25th - October 25th

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On October 31st, 1938, a radio program called "War of the Worlds" went on air causing panic to millions of people who thought that the program was actually a news broadcast. It was, in reality, a fictional drama about a Martian invasion in Grovers Mill, New Jersey.

What does this have to do with our contest?

Well, this year we thought of making something different on Halloween :) Instead of making decorations and pure Halloween themed images, we will create a Martian invasion using... pumpkins! That's right, this year Martians will be flying around the universe in pumpkin-like space ships!




Hélène Prévost


Thank you goes to Andromeda Software for providing these wonderful prizes for our contest.

Series 4 Techtures, Series 1 Photography Filters and Velociraptor