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The Tools Toolbar will be one of the main toolbars one will use with PSP. From this toolbar are the various tools (brushes so to speak) that one can use for various ways to draw and change the appearance of the drawing and photographs. Thus, as you use tools, also take time to become familiar with the range of tools available.


In this Guide we again will reference the following tutorials:
  1. Tools Toolbar (Version 8) - an overview of the various tools.
  2. The Workspace (1): Customizing Toolbars (Version 9) - An overview of the various tools.
  3. The Workspace (2): Customizing, Saving & Loading Workspaces (Version 9) - How to Customize the Tool Bar.
Thus, if you have not yet explored these tutorials on customizing the toolbar it would be best you do so first.
Using the File Menu Bar click on: View || Customize and then make sure the COMMANDS tab is selected. Then in the Categories window highlight TOOLS.
  1. In the Commands window are the listings of all tools. (Keep in mind that some tools used in previous version may not be in this list but in the UNUSED COMMANDS LIST.) Take time to locate each listed tool in the Tools Tool Bar.
  2. As you become more familiar with the various tools, start a notebook page on Tools and begin to list similar tools under a main category. (E.G. Drawing Tools: Paint Brush, Airbrush, Warp Brush: Retouch Tools: Clone, Dodge, Burn, Push, Pull, Soften, etc.)
  1. Select a Tool. Using both the Tool and the Tool Options Palette, explore how this tool works. The DEFAULT setting is the setting to start with.
    • a. Just draw strokes.
    • b. Use a Photograph (duplicate it so you don't lose the original) and add a new layer (or duplicate the layer) and use the tool to see how it works.


  1. When completing a tutorial or series of tutorials, and having placed them upon your web page, post in the SLP Forum your completed work using this layout:
    • a. Name or Screen Name.
    • b. Web Site URL.
    • c. Version of PSP using.
    • d. List of Tutorials completed.
  2. From exploration of using Tools and the Tool Tools Option Palette and its options as suggested in this guide, post some of your results and or comments in response to the exercises. Do not hesitate to raise questions on using the Resource Manager and/or File Allocations folder to obtain further understanding of these features.
    • a. Indicate what you did so others can duplicate.
    • b. Indicate what option values.
    • c. Add comments on your results and findings of interest.
    • d. Share your questions and comments in the SLP Forum and your graphic results in the member Gallery SLP Album as well as in the Forum.


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