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In the next series of Curriculum Guides we will explore the tools. In this guide we will explore the PAN and ZOOM tools which are useful tools in different ways. Both tools are very simple to use and if one has a mouse with a wheel then the zoom tool is able to be used without even selecting it.


  1. The Zoom Tool does just that -- it Zooms In or Out on an image.
  2. If one has a wheel on their mouse then one can zoom very easily by using the wheel.
  3. What is useful as one zooms is to look at the Title Bar above the canvas work area to see the percent of original.
  4. When one is zooming at large values one can view pixels at which point changing individual pixels of the image becomes much easier.
  5. Using the wheel on the mouse to zoom does not even require selecting the Zoom tool.
  6. If one has changed the actual canvas window to less than or more than the image size, one can use Zoom to quickly and accurately return to the original window for the canvas.


There are two ways to use this tool.
  1. The basic way is when the canvas is smaller than the picture or image being displayed. Then, the pan tool is able to be used to pan or move the picture around to display a part of the image.
  2. The second way I use the Pan tool is when I want to eliminate another tool, particularly those that display a selection or crawling ants such as the selection tool and the deform tools. Thus, clicking on the Pan tool makes it easier to work with the image when wanting to just view the image and any current work done. This technique helps prevent unwanted or unexpected results when experimenting with images.
Explore using these two tools during work with images. Note that even when the PAN tool is selected one can zoom the image with the mouse wheel (as is true no matter what tool is selected).


  1. When completing a tutorial or series of tutorials, and having placed them upon your web page, post in the SLP Forum your completed work using this layout:
    • a. Name or Screen Name.
    • b. Web Site URL.
    • c. Version of PSP using.
    • d. List of Tutorials completed.
  2. From exploration of using Tools and the Tool Tools Option Palette and its options as suggested in this guide, post some of your results and or comments in response to the exercises. Do not hesitate to raise questions on using the Resource Manager and/or File Allocations folder to obtain further understanding of these features.
    • a. Indicate what you did so others can duplicate.
    • b. Indicate what option values.
    • c. Add comments on your results and findings of interest.
    • d. Share your questions and comments in the SLP Forum and your graphic results in the member Gallery SLP Album as well as in the Forum.


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