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SLP Curriculum Guide #26: Scratch and Object Remover

This series of guides will explore the Photo Enhancement tools or the 'Retouch' Tools. Because these tools are like brushes (brush tips) one can retouch just small areas of a photograph. For the most part the Tools Tool Palette for each Retouch Tool has similar options, so learning to use these options will provide one with great skills to enhance photographs.

These two Brushes work in a similar way to the clone brush with the addition of the ability to set a selection and automatically remove the defect in the photograph. The Scratch Remover works best on small scratched areas while the Object remover is able to replace larger areas.

Scratch Remover

The Scratch Remover has only two options: (1) Width of Brush, (2) Either a Square or Hexagon Selection box. The Selection is made by dragging the brush over the scratch on the photograph. Areas on either side of the selection box will be used to clone over the scratch removing it.

At times experimentation will be needed to set the correct size of the Brush and what areas to use to obtain a seamless result. This Brush works very well to remove scratches fixing photographs which then can be enhanced using other tools if needed.

Object Remover

The Object Remover allows one to freehand draw around the object to remove and then set a clone box to clone over the selection. This tool allows one to remove a complete object with a single click.

This tool requires some practice and experimentation to be able to remove an object in which there is more than a simple background in order to create a good blend. One can move the clone box and apply another area to the selection if the first area does not meet one's expectations.

  1. One has a number of options that can be set:
    • Opacity and Feather which help to set the blending of the cloned area over the selection.
    • Check Box to use all layers if multiple layers have be set up. When checked the blended area brings forth colors and patterns from lower layers.
    • Smart Blending when checked will tend to blur blend the selected area with colors from the clone box area.
  2. The Steps:
    • First, select the freehand tool (lasso) and draw around the object to removed.
    • Second, click on the Square Box with the nodes and a box will appear which then one can move and size.
    • Set the removal by clicking on the Green Check Icon (Apply). If one does not like the result, try moving the box to another area and again Apply. If not satisfied one can then use the Undo (Ctrl+Z) to return to either the selection made or a clean picture and start again.
  3. Use (check) All Layers when wanting to use layers from below the area being worked.
  4. Experiment to become familiar with how this tool works.
  5. Sometimes one will use just the Clone Tool following the use of the Object Remover to touch up the finished product.

An Example (Click on Thumbnail for full size)


Photograph with Scratches
Scratch Remover

Removed all scratch areas

Cropped and Enhanced

Photograph with Thumb Print
Object Remover

Finished Product

In the Scratch Remover Example, the enhancements were made with Version 10, using the Makeover tool which has three options: (Blemish remover, Toothbrush, and Sun Tan).

In the Object Remover example, a number of trials were required by both moving the box to a different location, resizing it differently and rotating it to get the cane look correct.


  1. When completing a tutorial or series of tutorials, and having placed them upon your web page, post in the SLP Forum your completed work using this layout:
    • a. Name or Screen Name.
    • b. Web Site URL.
    • c. Version of PSP using.
    • d. List of Tutorials completed.
  2. From exploration of using any of the Retouch Tools on images and/or photographs post some of your results and or comments in response to the exercises.
    • a. Indicate what you did so others can duplicate.
    • b. Indicate what option values.
    • c. Add comments on your results and findings of interest.
    • d. Share your questions and comments in the SLP Forum and your graphic results in the member Gallery SLP Album as well as in the Forum.


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