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Whether you are a beginner or advanced in the use of PSP, there is always something new to learn - from a new function explained, or a little tip or trick that will help you in your creation of graphics. It costs you nothing but a little bit of your time to use the various resources for learning this great program.

Learning PSP
All of our learning sessions are informal. We use the Tutorials Section of our site as well as our Forum for both the Beginner and the Self Learning Programme participants.

For Beginners
Beginners will find the tutorials a good way to become familiar with PSP. We have two sets of tutorials (for PSP v7 and PSP v8) which introduce using the program. PSP v9 users will also be able to use the PSP v8 tutorials. Also PSP v8 and PSP v9 new users will find the Learning PSP v9 tutorials helpful as well. PSP v10 users will find the v8 and v9 tutorials helpful as well.

SLP Sessions
Our SLP program is a curriculum based program providing lessons for beginners, the more experienced users and a challenge section that are done on a monthly basis.


Welcome to the Paint Shop Pro Users Group Self Learning Programme (SLP) pages. This programme has become very popular, and is a system of home-based and self-paced assignments, all designed to teach you how to get the most out of Paint Shop Pro.


PSPUG has introduced a new look in Year 2006 - 2007 to the SLP Programme that we trust will bring our participants a variety of ways to learn and enjoy using PSP. We have developed a broad based curriculum that will address the interests of both beginners as well as seasoned users. Thus, we recommend new users of any version begin their exploration with the Year 2006 - 2007 curriculum description.

The SLP Curriculum, year 2006 - 2007, provides a Master Index to all PSPUG tutorials (over 380 tutorials). The Self Learning Programme is a Self Paced program to allow participants to choose not only which tutorials they wish to pursue but provides links to the various features, tools, and techniques that PSP users will find helpful as they develop their skills in using PSP.

The Index is organized by PSP features, tools and particular techniques. Thus, one may find specific tutorials to meet their interests and needs in learning PSP. The Master Index has links to the specific PSP features tutorials.

Using the SLP Curriculum and Tutorials

  1. New Users
    • PSPUG has various pages on its web site that are specific learning tutorials. These tutorials are by Version (7,8,9) and were established to introduce New Users on How to Use PSP. Users new to using PSP should begin here and link to their version's tutorials. (Users of Version 8,9,10 will find any one of these Version Tutorials helpful in learning PSP. Experienced users will also find these tutorials useful for specific techniques.)
    • Link to the PSPUG main Tutorials Page
    • Link to the SLP Curriculum Master Index
  2. More Experienced Users
    • The SLP programme is organized to provide tutorials that explore various PSP features, effects and techniques. Tutorials written for PSP v8 and v9 will be used. Users with version 10 will also be able to follow these tutorials as most of the instructions are the same for these three versions (v8, v9, v10).
    • At times references will be made for tutorials written in version 7 which provide particular effects and/or techniques that will be useful to all users. (PSP v8 has a layout very different from v7. PSP v9 includes a new feature (Art Media Effects) so that v8 Users will only be able to follow the techniques for such paintings. V10 includes some additional Photographic Enhancement effects but at this time v10 tutorials are not available.)
  3. Expectations
    • Participants need to have a web site to display their work.
    • Participants work through the curriculum at their own pace (no weekly mailings are done).
    • Participants use the Forum as needed to discuss issues, ask/answer questions and explore related information about using PSP.
    • Participants Post their work on their own Web Site.
  4. Using the Forum
    • The PSPUG Forum is a message board with various boards for specific topics. One of those boards is the Self Learning Programme Discussion board.
    • Please note that if one is new to using the Forum one must register to be able to post to it. However, one may use the same username and password they used if they signed up with the PSPUG web site.

Our Curriculum:


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