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Installing Plug-ins & Filters

  1. Before you install the plug-in filters, you will need to download and install MSVCRT10.DLL to your Windows/System file. A few filters also needs the file PLUGIN.DLL in the Windows/System directory to run.

    Plug-ins that are compatible with Paint Shop Pro are those in the .8bf file format. Several sites such as the Filter Factory Filters are in a different file format. You will need the Plug-in Commander (PiCo) to convert these filters.

    We have provided a tutorial on how to use the Plug-in Commander

  2. Once you have installed the msvcrt10.dll (and plugin.dll) file(s), you will need to create a folder in your C: directory to install filters in. If you intend on adding many plug-in filters, you will find that they will not all work if they are in the same folder. We recommend that you set us a directory called plug-ins and have a few sub-directories in that folder to add plug-ins to. The directory should look something like this:

    • C:\Plugins\Filters\
      Plugin Directory

  3. Unzip the filters to the plugins folder you created.

  4. Open Paint Shop Pro.

    Click File->Preferences->File Locations

  6. Click on the Plug-in Filters tab.

  7. Click on Browse, find the Plugin directory and click on it. Click on any of the screenshots below to see larger images.

    Version 6 File Locations   Version 7 File Locations
    Version 8 File Locations   Version 9 File Locations

  8. Click Select.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Close Paint Shop Pro and then open it again.

  11. Open any image in Paint Shop Pro that is 16 million colours.

  12. Click on Image->Plug-in Filters (v6) or Effects->Plugins (v7, v8, & v9), you will see the filters you installed shown there, select one and use it on your image.