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Paint Shop Pro comes with an ever-increasing number of built-in filters. From the general Blur, Soften, Emboss and other simple filters from the older versions, to more complex photo enhancing tools and special effects. However, besides the wonderful additions within Paint Shop Pro, there are other filters that you can obtain and install that will give you even more power to create! While most plug-ins and filters were designed for Photoshop, many of them are also compatible with Paint Shop Pro.

This part of the PSPUG site is here to help you with the installation of filters and tell you more about them: how they work, what you can do with them, and where you can find more help using your product. If you know of other filters not listed here on this page,
e-mail us, give us the information about the plug-ins and we will add the information to this section.

Installing Filters

Paint Shop Pro is a wonderful graphics creation tool... adding plug-in filters is easy and will add to the power you have in designing better graphics. Many filters are free and available to download from the Internet. There are a few that are not free but come packed with excellent filters that some of us PSP users find we can't live without!
We have provided a tutorial to show you how to install the filters into Paint Shop Pro

Free Filters

The terms Plug-ins and Filters are generally interchangeable, but here at the PSPUG we have now come to accept Plug-ins to be the term to be used for the commercial version, and Filters to be the term to use for filters that are free for use. We have put together
a list of freeware filters: those that are free for download and use.

Commercial Plug-ins

There are a good number of companies that have based their business on creating plug-ins that work with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Companies like AlienSkin, Auto FX Software, DigArts Software, F02PiX, Human Software, Sapphire Innovations, The Plug-in Site and others, create these plug-ins for our creativity and enjoyment. Here is a listing of the commercial plug-ins that we know about.

Filter/Plug-in Tutorials

We have several wonderful tutorials using some of the plugins and filters mentioned here, all of which allow you to make different "effects".

Filters such as Blade Pro, Eye Candy, Filter Factory Gallery, Greg's Factory Output, Harry's Filters, Sapphire Innovations are just a few that are covered in our Filters Tutorials Section. Enjoy!!

More tutorials will be added as time allows. If you have a tutorial for a filter or plugin that you'd like to have added to our tutorials section, please let us know.