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Commercial Plugins

There are many companies that have created plugins that will work with Paint Shop Pro and will allow your creative insights to come to life. On this page we have listed many of the companies that offer Plugins for sale. To make things easier for you, we decided to separate this page into two sections: PSPUG tested and untested.

Commercial Plugins - PSPUG Tested

In this section you will find products that have either been tested by our Reviewers or have been recommended by other PSPUG Members.

Alien Skin Demo Downloads
Eye Candy 3.1, Eye Candy 4000, Splat, Image Doctor, Xenofex 2, Eye Candy 5: Textures, Eye Candy 5: Nature View your work in an advanced preview that zooms, resizes, and gives you instant access to any part of the original image. Alien Skin Software
Andrew's Plugins
A huge array of features with many options and settings, and powerful productive image effects. Each filter comes with a wide range of variant effects: these filters can be subtle to radically image changing. Abneil Software Ltd
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AutoEye offers professional designers a new way to make photos look their very best by reclaiming lost colour and detail in any photo. Auto FX Software
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Create breathtakingly realistic 3D landscapes and animations with Bryce. Striking an optimum balance between power and ease of use, this innovative software is an ideal way to integrate 3D technology into your creative process. Bryce is not a plugin but is an excellent 3D rendering program. People using Bryce often use Paint Shop Pro to enhance the images to make them seem more life-like. DAZ
Buzz Pro 2.0
Buzz Pro is a plugin that uses a Simplifier to remove unwanted detail from an image without loss of focus. Once the foundation layer is produced, a range of other effects may be added-in to produce stunning and original artwork. This allows one to create paintings from pictures. The results are beautiful. This has to be one of our favorites. Fo2PiX
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Chameleon allows the combining of objects from various other photographs into a main photograph creating collages. It can also be used to capture selections from a photograph and transfer them to another area. It will blend the new objects into the original photograph making seamless additions. Various Languages are available for the tutorial. AKVIS
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DreamSuite is an advanced, full featured, photo-realistic visual effects application that offers precise control over the creative process. Effects render slowly. You might want to check out our DreamSuite review before buying this product. Auto FX Software
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Edge & Frame Galaxy
Over 1400 edges and 150 colored frames organized in approximately 120 categories, which can be used to give photos a very different look, to make backgrounds for titles and credits, to design brochures, greeting cards, post cards, CD booklets, etc. The Plug-in Site
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A very easy plug in to use for clarifying pictures, in particular clarifying details not easily seen in original picture. Will enhance photo's. Has three switches that allow adjustments that will lighten, sharpen detail, accentuate shadows so that outcome is a much better photo. AKVIS
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Eye Candy 4000
Eye Candy 4000 is a major upgrade to Alien Skin Software's Eye Candy 3. This collection of 23 special effects combines often used filters like shadows, bevels and glows with stunning effects like Chrome, Smoke, Fire, Melt, Drip, Marble, Wood and Corona. Alien Skin Software
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Fantastic Machine's Paint Engine
FM Tile Tools is a set of 21 plugin graphic filters that can be used to create amazing tileable images and textures.
Filters Unlimited
A dream comes true - several hundred or even thousands of filters in one single plugin. By utilizing an integerated filter database and an easy to use interface, Filters Unlimited reaches a new dimension in the world of graphics plugins. I.C. NET Software
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Jungle 2D
Jungle 2D paints nature in a fashion that's so realistic and so dimensional, most people think it's photographic or 3D. Retouch photos, add character and style to your scanned art, make textile patterns, design elements or create landscape paintings with results that are truly amazing, and at speeds you simply won't believe. (Jungle 3D is the current version.) DigArts Software
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10 amazing plugins including the ever famous KPT Goo - excellent for distorting peoples features!, KPT SkyEffects (previously known as Four Seasons), KPT SceneBuilder for designing objects in 2D & 3D, and many more. Corel
Page Curl
Powerful if you want a nice Page Curl effect! You can change the content of the page backside. Content may be both the solid color and an image from current layer or from file and it has the ability to make the curled part of the page, to be outside the page boundary. AV Bros
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Photo/Graphic Edges
Makes your photos distinctive and artistic with the click of a button. It adds torn, ripped, deckled, feathered, painted, film frames and darkroom styled edges to any grayscale or color image. Auto FX Software
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Plug-in Commander
PiCo allows you to manage and preview your plugin, tube and add-on collection quickly and easily. You can disable the plugins, tubes and materials you rarely need and define how your favorite effects will appear in the host application. The Plug-in Site
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Plug-in Galaxy
This plug-in has often needed functions like transparency manipulation, bluring, texture and pattern generation, noise creation, mirroring and warping. It also includes amazing metal, chrome, neon, pop art, glass, rainbow, sunshine and star effects. The Plug-in Site
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Plug-in Magic
Plug-in Magic contains 1250 sizzling filters Radial displacements, warping, colour effects, emboss, line effects, mirrors, shifts, randomized effects, random displacements, grids, zooms, blurs, line effects and more. Abneil Software Ltd
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Puzzle Pro
This plug-in lets you produce realistic and high quality jig-saw puzzle effect from your image using handy and intuit user interface. A lot of adjustments make the product powerful and flexible. AV Bros
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The retoucher plugin restores photographs that have defects (lines, tears, folds, dust and other imperfections). The result is a smooth and seamless restoration of such imperfections. AKVIS
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Stamp is a plugin that allows retouching of photographs and other image imperfections. In essence it is a cloning tool but with some very different and important features. As one uses this tool the cloning effects are blended into the current background which provides a very smooth seamless outcome. There are various ways to use this tool from retouching to adding objects from one part of the photograph to another area. AKVIS
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The follow up to BladePro - an awesome plug-in with very cool filters. This one comes highly recommended. Flaming Pear
The Textures can be used as Texture files, Brush files, for Retouch effects and they can be Cloned into the image. Imagination is all you need. Abneil Software Ltd (Graphicxtras.com)
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The tubes offer a great collection of tubes with varied shapes. This enables the user to create many different effects. Abneil Software Ltd (Graphicxtras.com)
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From the makers of Eye Candy, Alien Skin, we now have Xenofex, a collection of 16 filters that have the promise and uniqueness to become just as powerful as Eye Candy, especially when you consider the set of presets in each of these filters. Many more and varied effects can be achieved by adjusting the variables in each filter. Alien Skin Software
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Other Commercial Plugins

Here we have a number of other plugins that are available. We haven't tested any of these yet, so we cannot give you a better representation of their quality or use, but we list them here for your information. If you have purchased and tried any of these, please let us know your thoughts.

Abneil Software Ltd
Andrew's Plugins: a huge range of new effects from displacements, negatives, colour effects, pop art, intense colour changes, distortions, warps, radial and more - a continuation of their series 1200+ 'Andrew's Filters'.
Patterns: Super colourful patterns for PSP.
Plug-in Magic: contains 1250 sizzling filters Radial displacements, warping, colour effects, emboss, line effects, mirrors, shifts, randomized effects, random displacements, grids, zooms, blurs, line effects and more.
Tubes: Sets of abstract tubes to create awesome imagery within PSP.
Alien Skin Software
Eye Candy 4000: a collection of 23 time-saving filters that will fortify any user's creativity.
Splat!: combines frames, textures, edges, borders, mosaics and more.
Xenofex2: a collection of 14 inspirational special effects that will energize any graphics project.
Andromeda Software
Cutline Filter: Stamp directional screens. Looks impressive, but we haven't tried it yet. If you have it, let us know what you think.
3D Filter: 3D visualization, 3D scene creation, Surface wrapping
3D-Luxe Filter:Renders the high quality smooth texture wrapped and sculpted 3-d surfaces.
EtchTone Filter: a continuous tone screen is a classic old printing look that softens the harshness of solid black and white line screens.
LensDoc Filter: Corrects the barreling and pin-cushioning image distortions produced by many zoom and wide angle lenses.
Measurement Filter: for medical-scientific graphic arts images.
Perspective Filter: A "virtual" camera in 3D space to introduce perspective.
Photography Filters: A collection of filters including Halo, Velocity, Reflection, and more.
Screens Filter: converts gray-scale into a wide variety of different line art screens.
Shadow Filter: You get unprecedented control of lights, camera and object orientation and position plus flexible navigation in 3-D space.
Techtures Filter: Three Texturing Engines allow you to blend, manipulate shading, or emboss the textures you select.
Velociraptor Filter: Create Velocity trails that arc, bounce, cascade, converge, curve, decline, diminish, jolt, jitter, loop, spiral, spring, streak, trail or wave.
VariFocus: Lets you focus/defocus features in your image with custom control.
Auto FX Software
AutoEye: automatically improves digital images by rebuilding color detail, sharpness and image vibrancy.
DreamSuite: n advanced, full featured, photo-realistic visual effects application that offers precise control over the creative process.
DreamSuite Gel: a fun special effects suite that can add vibrant, translucent depth effects to your artwork.
Photo/Graphic Edges: a unique creative tool that makes your photos distinctive and artistic with the click of a button.
DigArts Software
Jungle 2D: Jungle 2D paints nature in a fashion that's so realistic and so dimensional, most people think it's photographic or 3D.
Jungle 2D Web: contains virtually all of plants found in the full version of Jungle 2D, only in web ready sizes.
Jungle 3D: Jungle 3D let's you paint ultra real, dimensional looking trees and tree textures.
Flaming Pear
SuperBladePro: rated one of the top 5 plugins that PSP users cannot do without, SuperBladePro is a must-have.
Designer Sextet: Six transcendent plugin filters to warp, recolor, abuse and dreamify your images.
Flexify: Bend spherical panoramas into vertiginous new shapes.
Flood: Now this is a cool filter. You can add some VERY realistic waters to your picture. Modify the horizon, the ripples or the waviness.
Glitterato: Stars and nebulas with lots of realism and little fuss.
Hue and Cry: Create abstract regions of color: vivid or pallid, structured or diffuse, endless weird imagery is yours to use.
India Ink: Create black & white half-tones or colour etched effects.
LunarCell: If you want to add planets or moons to your pictures, then this is the plugin for you. Instant planets. Fractal, reality-based, or just strange worlds are yours in seconds.
Melancholytron: Make pictures moody, nostalgic, and somehow sad.
Mr. Contrast: Add dramatic contrast to photos and hyper-emphasize detail.
SolarCell: Create some really funky "Suns" with this filter.
Tesselation: This filter will allow you to produce "tiles" that you can tesselate (great for textures or web page backgrounds).
buZZ Pro 2.0: Using an extensive library of objects this plug-in lets you brush flowers, trees, animals, cars anything you can imagine to create new landscapes or improve photos.
buZZ Pix 1.0: comes with 10 effects, contained in the Stack and is shipped with two pre-set Stacks: Watercolour and Colour Patches.
buZZ.Lite 2.0 : comes with 6 effects, which are housed in the Stack and is also shipped with three pre-set Stacks: Oil, Watercolour and Colour Patches.
buZZ.Simplifier 1.0: comes with 3 filters housed in the Stack.
Human Software
AutoMask: Perform density masking with a brush or globally, a virtual mecanism allows you to go fast even on large images, perfect for trees, furs, hairs, etc.
Classic Frames: ClassicFrames is the ideal tool to give the final classy touch to your images.
Magic Frames: More than 400 Eclectic Frames for all your images.
Magic Track: more than 250 ready made effects for all your headlines.
OttoPaths: Flow your text along curves, warp paths on top of your images.
PhotoSpray: Using an extensive library of objects this plug-in lets you brush flowers, trees, animals, cars anything you can imagine to create new landscapes or improve photos.
PhotoWeave: Create all kind of plaids, striped fabrics or patterns with this super powerful tool.
Select: The color correction tool for the professional.
Squizz: Distort using a grid, an enveloppe, a brush, you can zoom at any level of details, use a template for precise warping and more.
StarMaker: Create stars as paths, selection or layers. Create your own stars, starbursts, suns.
Textissimo: More than 700 effects (lava/chrome/metal/earth/moss/distressed) you can put on type or masks to create unique Headlines.
LizardTech Imaging Software
Genuine Fractals PrintPro 1.0: Create a single, agile image asset that lets you work in real time, store and transmit smaller files, and render any output resolution.
Genuine Fractals 2.0: Create resolution-independent images from any size file and display full-screen, full-color, interactive images on the Web.
Genuine Fractals 2.0 LE: Enlarge your digital images for printing.
MrSID Geo: Suddenly, massive images of unlimited size can be instantaneously panned and zoomed both locally and over networks.
MrSID for Photography: It encodes large, high-resolution images to a fraction of their original file size while maintaining the original image quality.
DjVu for Documents: With DjVu, content developers can scan pages of books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, legacy documents.
Alpha Strip 1.1: This filters set will help you process your images using different geometrical effects (thin lines, circles, rectangles, etc) with little effort.
Digitalizer: Your image can be represented by a matrix, elements of which will form a shape of the initial image. Elements of the image can be figures, letters or any other symbols.
Engraver: cuts through images with thin lines that will form geometric patterns.
Fire 3: Fire 3.0 lets not only set on fire different objects of your composition, but also helps the designer obtain various fiery transition effects. That is when a whole layer or some opaque objects burn down.
LensPro 2: Modify either the whole or part of an image to appear as though it's being viewed through a lens. There a quite a few different lens shapes to choose from and modify.
iCorrect EditLab: a very powerful and easy-to use color correction and color editing software.
iCorrect 3.0: a stand-alone color-correction application for amateur photographers and digital imaging enthusiasts.
iCorrect Professional: gives you a revolutionary, new way to make the color right and then make the color even better.
inCamera Professional: High performance ICC profiling software for digital cameras and monitors. Makes it easy for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts to capture the true colors of their subjects.
ColorSynergy: System-wide color management software featuring inCamera® Professional digital camera profiling technology.
The Plug-in Site:
Edge & Frame Galaxy: give your photos a personal touch with more than 1450 edges and 150 colored frames in over 120 distinct categories.
Harry's Filters: The famous "Harry the Raver" free filter collection.
HTML Shrinker: HTML Shrinker is a tool for reducing the size of various web, and script files.
Mutation: Mutation is a collection of 1000 royalty-free textures on CD-ROM.
Plugin Commander: It allows you to manage and preview your plugin, tube and add-on collection quickly and easily.
Photo Galaxy: a collection of more than 3300 royalty-free digital photos on three CD-ROMs.
Plugin Galaxy: Plugin Galaxy is set of 20 plugins which includes an incredible amount of over 120 basic effects.