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Free Filters

AFH Beveller
Two filters for making bevelled buttons.
Alfredo Mateus
Download Border FX, Decolorizer, and Power Toys here.
Amphisoft Filters
This pack of freeware and shareware plug-in filters by Ilya Razmanov give you great power for image correction and stunning special effects.
DC Special Plugins
Lots of good filters by Dennis Crombie.
Flaming Pear
Flaming Pear offers a number of free products on their site, like Chromasolarize, Vitriol, Colorswap, etc.
Greg's Factory Output
Some nice general purpose, downloadable filters:     Zip One    Zip Two
Harry's Filters
55 FREE Filters in one interface for achieving many effects.
Kang's Filters 1-4
From Alexandra Danilovich: "I recently installed Kang's filters and they are now my favourite free filters. They are really great. There are about 100 filters with hilarious names and they are all wonderful :) "
Krusty's Filters
Filters here will give you even more options for creating.
Mark McLaren
MAC's Page Curl I & Page Curl II - very nice and elegant freeware Page Curling filters made by Mark McLaren that are compatible with Paint Shop Pro. Just make sure you apply the filter to the background layer. Applying it to another layer will make the entire thing transparent. Mark also did MAC's Remove White
The Plugin Head
Plugin Headquarters.
VanDerLee UnPlugged
Colour Filters, Effects, shapes. They have it here.