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PSPUG provides a Message Board which has various Forums (as described below). Each of the forums are individually accessed either from the main Index or through the links listed below. This Bulletin Board offers various ways for our membership to enjoy communicating with one another as well as ask for and receive help.

PSPUG also has an alliance with PlusPSP as additional resources for our membership. There are two PlusPSP message boards that users will also enjoy.

PSPUG Message and Help Forum
The PSPUG Message and Help Forum is our main message board, where members hang out and share questions and ideas about Paint Shop Pro. It is a place where everyone is invited to post their ideas, questions, answers and other news. It is also a place where members can communicate and get to know each other on a more personal basis. It is not a "newsgroup" type of a forum, but rather a place where each of us can share in new knowledge and help each other in a friendly atmosphere.

Activities Center Forum
The Activities Center Forum is a combination of various activities and provides our members specific areas to discuss issues, present work, ask questions.

  • Community Activities Forum
    The Community Activities section started in Feb 1999 and has been growing more popular ever since. It was decided to give them their own message board so that the posting of images would not interfere with the general flow of traffic on the main message board. Each month there are a number of activities for all levels.
  • Photo Forum
    The Photo Forum was set up in February 2002, following a survey we did of our members, where we asked them what they use PSP for. We got back a lot of response from people saying they used PSP primarily to retouch photos for various uses. There were also comments about there not being an outlet for Photography and Printing issues.
  • SLP Forum
    The SLP Forum has been created for the people who participate in the Self Learning Programme. It was requested by some of our members that they be allowed to post their results of their images and maybe get some help from their classmates.
  • Beginner Class Forum
    The Beginner Class Forum has been created to provide our beginner class participants a place to display work (from their web page), ask questions and discuss lessons presented on-line.

The Announcement Forum has been created to provide a single forum for all announcements, feedback and polls.

Test Forum
The Test Forum has been created to provide a forum to test using various features as well as just test posting.

PlusPlace Alliance
The PSPUG and PlusPSP are pleased to announce an Alliance in which the resources and message forums of the two respective groups will be available to each other.

+PSP PlusPlace Forum
The Plus Place Forum is the +PSP general help forum for graphics and computer related matters - ask or give advice.

+PSP Wednesday Challenge
The Wednesday Challenge Forum is the +PSP weekly challenge which starts every Wednesday morning - try it! You will get hooked.

Edit/Delete Request
If you have accidentally posted the same message twice, or feel that there is a post on one of the forums that goes against our netiquette and member policies, you can place a request to have the post edited or deleted.

FAQs and Other Technical Information
Here you will find answers to most frequently asked questions concerning the use of our message boards; about posting questions, images, links and other important information.

Netiquette and Proper Usage of the Message Boards
Our site enjoys over 60,000 visits per month and we have over 15,000 members. Many of those make their way to our forum, so this section contains information and guidelines on posting messages. The guidelines are structures to keep the message boards clean and friendly. Please read and follow them.

Internet Lingo
BTW, did you ever find yourself wondering what NFM, LOL, PSPUG and other acronyms you see posted mean? Well, FWIW, here is a list of these acronym abbreviations people most commonly use! HTH! :)
If the above sentence here looks gibberish to you, then read up on this page on Internet Lingo and see what this cryptic message means.