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Welcome to the Members Gallery, where our members have lovingly created images for your enjoyment. Images are submitted by members, and in some cases are handpicked from various sources such as the Photo, SLP, and the ComAct Forum, or from the Contests, Watermark, and Photo Workshop. Be sure to visit these areas often, as they are great powerhouse resources for learning and sharing PSP.

Members Gallery: [One]  [Two]  
SLP Gallery: [One]  
ComAct Gallery: [One]  
PhotoWorkshop Gallery: [One]  

Past Galleries:   [One]   [Two]  

To Submit an Image

You MUST be a member of the PSPUG in order to submit an image.
To submit we need your

  • Full Name (just for our records)
  • PSPUG login name
  • E-mail address
  • The name you'd like to be listed as (if different than login name)
  • Website URL if you have one you'd like to share (we will link your name to this URL)

Your image is best sent as a zip file. If you cannot do this, then please send as a regular e-mail attachment.

Send your images to:

Please keep your images to 200K or less, and a maximum of 500 pixels.