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The Hints, Tips, and Help pages provide reference to the various PSP features for both beginners and experienced users to quickly locate a feature or function in PSP. The Learning and Using PSP section is based upon PSP version 10 and provides quick reference in three broad categories of Menu Bar, Toolbars, and Palettes. The FAQ section is a Q and A (Question and Answers) on using PSP and is organized according to Version and Basic or General Categories of Questions.

Since Hints, Tips and Help are an evolving process, as one learns new ways to use PSP these pages are a work in progress. Hints/Tips and suggestions may be mailed to

Although the Hints and Tips are developed using PSP v10, most are also able to be done in PSP versions 8 and version 9. The techniques described are fundamentally the same for all versions though icons may look different.


The Learning and Using PSP Index provides quick and easy access to all of PSP's features, Menus, Toolbars and Palettes. One would be advised to use both the PSP manual and Help menu for additional information.

The LAYOUT OVERVIEW is a snapshot of the default PSP version 10 Workspace identifying and locating its default Toolbars and Browser Palette. (Under construction are snapshots of Version 8 and Version 9 default screens for comparison of similarities and differences.)

The MENU, TOOLBARS and PALETTES INDEX is organized by these three broad features of PSP. Links of specific features will provide a description and use of the feature.

TUTORIALS located in our Tutorial Pages of the Learning Center will provide both beginners and experienced users with various ways to learn PSP, its features, and techniques for creating images and enhancing photographs. Keep in mind that many of the tutorials written for PSP v8, 9, and 10 are usually inter-changeable with very minor differences. PSP v9 includes the Art Media Tools and PSP v10 includes various new Photographic enhancement tools.


The FAQ and HELP with PSP is organized into categories that will help locate particular questions and answers and other hints and tips. This section is a work in progress as new ideas and ways of using PSP evolve as members continue to find unique and wonderful ways of using PSP. Many of these Q & A's are extracted from our Forum as well as from tips sent into to us at PSPUG.

USING THE FORUM will provide answers to various questions and ways to use our Forum and its various resource boards.

USING THE BLOG will provide answers to how to not only access our PSPUG journal but how you as members can contribute stories and articles related to using PSP.

USING THE ACTIVITY GALLERY will provide answers to how members are able to contribute (upload) their work either as members of our SLP program, or participants in ComAct, or to show off their Photographic works of art and their PSP creations.

USING THE WEB CHAT will provide answers to how members can use a very simple and easy web chat program to either meet with PSPUG staff for discussion or to just socialize in real time.

The FAQ will provide answers to various questions on using PSP and is organized by general topics and where by PSP version.


Contact with questions, suggestions, tips and comments.
The PSPUG Staff