Logging in and out
Logging In
  • On the menu, you will see , click that.
  • You will go to the login in screen.
  • Enter your username and password and press the 'login' button.
Logging Out
  • On the menu, you will see , click that.
  • Depending on your profile, you may be led to a "Confirm Logout" page, if so, click yes.
Retreiving a Forgotten Password
  • On the menu, you will see , click that.
  • At the login screen, next to password, click "Forgot Password".
  • At the "Forgot Password" screen, type in your username and e-mail address you specified when you registered, you will then be emailed your password.
  • NOTE: If you do not receive email do not hesitate to contact do@pspug.org and indicate what you are wanting to do and provide as much information as you can (username, email address, password). The administrator will contact you by email.
Important Information
Please Note: Some forums may have conformation enabled, and you must be validated by e-mail before you can login successfully.