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Here you will find graphics that can be used to link back to us here at the PSPUG. There are buttons and banners, etc., all created by PSPUG members. If you have created a button or a banner, feel free to submit it to our site and we'll gladly add it on.


We have our main Paint Shop Pro Users Group icon that we prefer people to use for their website, as people now recognize our site by that icon.

But, having said that, we are aware that our icon doesn't fit all web site designs, so we have made the option available to you to have a pick of more buttons. The four buttons below are our pick of the litter.

Chuck Kathie Kathie Keya


Big Cat Paw

This is just a small sample of banners that our members have created.

Other Art

JellyGrin Graphics (Formerly Nut's Nook)

JellyGrin Graphics (Formerly Nut's Nook)

This is just a small sample of other art that our members have created.

Submit Your Own Art Work

Have you created a banner, button or logo for the group?
We will post your graphic and credit you with its creation.

Zip your artwork and attach to an e-mail to
Include the following information in the body of your e-mail:

  • Your Name or Screen name
  • Your e-mail Address
  • Your Web Site Title (optional)
  • Your URL (optional)