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Lifetime Awards

These are what we consider to be special awards and are only given once in a while, or once a year, to very special people. Each person on this page has more than earned the award they have been given. The Paint Shop Pro Users Group runs only because of the shear love that our volunteers and members put into it. We consider the people on this page to be the heart and soul of our site. We give each our heartfelt thanks for being the people that they are.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Alias Flyer - Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Tom, alias Flyer, has been a long standing member of PSPUG. He has contributed in many ways spending time in our forums and helping people with various aspects of using PSP as well as computers. Due to personal health reason Tom must discontinue in his efforts to assist others as he has been able to do so well all these years. Sadly he has bid us farewell.

Our PSPUG will miss you Tom. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you so very much for all you have done for PSPUG and its members. Your help has always been well appreciated.

As a special tribute to Tom, we take this moment to recognize the truly wonderful work he has done for us and thank him for all he has contributed. Our well wishes go with him.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Joyce - Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Joyce left the PSPUG before we could appropriately thank her for all her contributions, but we could not continue to let her go unnoticed.

When Joyce began her career as volunteer in February 1999, she started as Software Reviewer along with Roger Finks who was director at the time. Joyce was wellknown for her skill of running the contest area. When Roger left and Vianne took over as Director, Joyce took over as Administrator, all the while still running the contests and software review sections. Joyce has always worked behind the scenes, and still had time to go to the classes and be an active participant in the Self Learning Programme. Joyce was always our rock. Whatever needed doing, you could count on the fact that Joyce was there in an always pleasant and friendly way. We believe that she deserves the lifetime achievement award from the PSPUG for all that she did.

Joyce left early 2001 to rejoin her real life.
Although we continue to try and bribe her into coming back, for some reason she remains strong and will not give in. Joyce, we miss you.

Methods of Selection

These awards are given only on very special occasions, and to only very special people.