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Member of the Year Awards

These are what we consider to be special awards and are only given once in a while, or once a year, to very special people. Each person on this page has more than earned the award they have been given. The Paint Shop Pro Users Group runs only because of the shear love that our volunteers and members put into it. We consider the people on this page to be the heart and soul of our site. We give each our heartfelt thanks for being the people that they are.

This new award - the Member of the Year Award - is always a difficult award to give to anyone. This award is for all the great people who voluntarily give their time to the Paint Shop Pro Users Group.

Member of the Year Award

Tom - PSPUG Member of the Year Award Winner - 2002-2003

This is the third Award, for the Year ending June, 2003 goes to Tom (a.k.a. Flyer ) for his years of contributions to the PSPUG community and the PSP community at large.
Not only has he provided answers, insights and encouragement to users of every level, it has been done with humility and a great sense of sharing his knowledge.
In addition, his website has reflected his skill with the program and web design principles that provide us with an excellent example of what we can do as we master the program.

Member of the Year Award

Doro - PSPUG Member of the Year Award Winner - 2001-2002

This is the second Award, for the Year ending June, 2002 goes to Dorothee (a.k.a. Doro ) born in Bochum/Germany. She is the PSPUG Tutorials-Coordinator Assistant. She writes tutorials for the SLP and helps with the tutorial section. She also translates the tutorials in German. She has helped so many people that she definitely deserves this award.

Member of the Year Award

Yvonne - PSPUG Member of the Year Award Winner - 2000-2001

This first Award, for the Year ending June, 2001 goes to Quiltress (a.k.a. Yvonne) who is one of the many who quietly goes about working for the group, but makes such a quality contribution to us all.

While she calls her page Yvonne's Page of Blessings, Quiltress is truly a blessing to us all.

Congratulations Quiltress for being the first of our new Member of the Year award winners.

Special Honors

Roger Finks - Special Honors Award Winner

Friend and Colleague - As Assistant Director/Leader Roger has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Even though he has a terminally long 'list' of items to do, you can always count on a quick reply from him. Roger is dedicated, hard working, friendly, courteous, and willing to take on any challenge.

This award was presented in 1998. Since then Roger did a wonderful job as Director of the group after Charith left in March 1999. Being the only one that knew how to do all the behind the scenes work, he left behind a huge gap when he left in August 1999 to rejoin real life and his newfound freedom. Five people were brought in to take over all the jobs that Roger had done. We still miss him.

Methods of Selection

These awards are given only on very special occasions, and to very special people. Apart from the Member of the Year award, the awards are usually given as a once-off presentation to exceptional, deserving individuals.