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How is your creativity? Our members seem to have quite a bit of it, from looking at the sites out there :) We try to have new activities up here regularly. If you have any ideas for activities, send them in to me or post them on the ComAct Forum :) Personal Message from Sharinvegas.

Greetings to all of my fellow PSPUG members,

My name is Sharinvegas. I am the leader for the Community Activities. The Community Activities or ComAct as we call it, is a place where I find different tutorials every month and post them for our members to do. Once they have done a tutorial, they post them on our message forum for all of us to enjoy. There is no hurry to get these tutorials done, you go at your own pace. You can do one or all of the tutorials. This is the place to practice what you have learned with Paint Shop Pro.

I hope you all enjoy the tutorials I post. I would like to see more members post their work.. Please tell the friends you have made at PSPUG to come and join in the fun. Every day new members are signing up for PSPUG. I hope to see the newbies on the ComAct forum. It doesn’t matter how long you have been using Paint Shop Pro. Some of the tutorials are very easy, and fun to do. Come and join us. We would love to see new people also post their work. I would like to Thank all of the talented people who post their work at ComAct. We all learn a lot from your work.

I am looking forward to working with all of you. If you have any comments, questions, or tutorials, please e mail me at

Happy PSPing to all of you.


Current Activity

Our members are doing really well coming up with their own activities. Check back often to view what everyone has been doing!

Click here to see the current activity

When you have completed your activities, please post your images on the PSPUG Community Activities Message Forum.

Posting to the Community Activities Forum

Example file name, (all lower case): activityname_yournick.jpg
Example url to the server the image was uploaded on: http://www.mywebpageurl/pspug/
This would be the code you would post into the body of your message in the message forum: <img src="http://mywebpageurl/pspug/activityname_yournick.jpg">

Remember the url (for the image) has to be the full path to the image that you uploaded to your server... The image can not be uploaded to the forum from your hard drive. There are some free servers, like Xoom for one that do not allow linking images from their server, in that case, just post the unlinked url.

Please help us save time by naming your images according to the above format.

ComAct Members Gallery

Do you have a Community Activities Gallery set up on your website? If you would like to have your name listed in the Community Activities Member Gallery, please send an email with your member name and the url.

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