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Photo Workshop

Photo Workshop
   Digital Photo Effects
   Monthly Challenge

Welcome all .... The Photo Workshop explores Digital Photo Enhancements and Monthly Challenges. We look forward to your participation and your involvement both with the workshop and in the forum.

Digital Photo Enhancements

Weekly a new PSP photo enhancement effect is posted. A single photograph will be used to explore particular effects and techniques. The first illustrations in the gallery will provide the information for the week. Participants are invited to use either the photograph provided or one of their own choosing.

Monthly Photo Challenges

Monthly four photographs will be displayed with a particular challenge for the month. Participants are invited to use the presented photographs and to explore the challenge through their own creative approach.

General Guidelines

  • For the Digital Photo Effects, use a photo of your choice and explore the effects and techniques. Submit the original photograph along with the enhanced photo for display in the gallery.
  • For the Monthly Challenge, use the photographs presented and your own creativity in context with the particular challenge.
  • For either DPE or MC photo enhancements provide the following information for inclusion on the Author's gallery page:
    • Version of PSP used
    • Explanation or description of steps used.
    • Any difficulties encountered
    • Photo's submitted should be no larger than 600 pixels wide.
    • An idea of how long your work took.

  • Use the Photo Forum for discussion, questions, comments about aspects of the particular photo enhancements presented.
  • Send photos to and for display on the respective gallery.
  • This is NOT a contest. The Photo Workshop is designed to be a Constructive and Encouraging way to share and make progress working with photographs.
If you have any questions about activity, please let us know.

The Current Activities

Photo Workshop

Monthly Challenge:

Activity #16

Photographic Edges

This months challenge is to explore photographic edge techniques.

The rules for this challenge are:

  • Add photographic edge using any method you choose, whether it be adding a decorative frame, applying a mask or adding decorative borders.  The choice is yours, this is a very free-form challenge.

  • You can mix and match your photos or keep it simple by applying an edge technique to individual photos.

  • You can add another additional elements to embellish your work. 

  • Send photos to for display on the respective gallery.

  • If you have any questions about activity, please let me know.

  • As always Have FUN!

Note on the the photos used in this challenge.  These photos were taken from  Please visit this site to see the many excellent photographs. Please regard the 'Use Policy' that these photos may not be used for any commercial purpose. If you use them on your website please link back to as well as notify the webmaster so they may see how you have used the photographs.

Digital Photograph Enhancement

DPE #01

Digital Photograph Enhancement
Using the Auto Enhancement Effects:

  • Auto - One fix, color, contrast, saturation.
  • Histogram - Effect

This photograph is from the web site maintained by Jon Sullivan.

The first illustrations in the gallery will provide information on using the particular effect and technique. Use your own photograph and submit your original with the enhancement's.