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Name:  Audrey

Web site:  Big Country Peacock Chronicle

Duties:  "Graphics Chronicle" Editor

Bio:   I am an artist/writer/musician and West Central Texas squatter.

Essay:   After years of wishing for a computer, in the spring of 2000, that wish came true when my sisters pooled their resources to purchase a computer and PSP5 for me. Well-established webmistresses in their own right, they fully sympathized with my desire. Once online, I immediately signed up for classes in HTML and PSP at WebTech University. While completing my courses there, I began building my online magazine, the Big Country Peacock Chronicle which has since been listed in the "Novel and Short Story Writer's Market".

Practically from the start, the aforementioned sisters urged me to join the PSPUG. One day I said "OK", took a deep breath and plunged. While at the site, I noticed a help wanted ad for a writer for the "Graphics Chronicle." Never one to resist apparant kismet, I applied for the job. Eventually, I got my promotion from writer to editor. My work with Vianne and the other volunteers is always very rewarding. I am so pleased to be a part of the team here at the PSPUG.

For more information you can go to:
or you can e-mail me at publisher@peacockchronicle.com