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DoroName:  Dorothee Sensen

Nick:  Doro

Web site:  Doro's Homepage

Duties:  PSPUG Tutorials-Coordinator Assistant

Bio:   I was born in Bochum/Germany in 1956, grew up in Bochum and am still living and working there [so, the Ruhr area of Germany can't be that bad! :-))]. I haven't got a family of my own, but have some pet canaries (5 at present) whose company I very much enjoy. I am a librarian at an institute at the Ruhr University Bochum. I got my first computer in 1991, and since I was interested in this stuff from the beginning, I was also made responsible for the computers of the institute a few years later. In 1996 I began to put web pages together -- first to just share some photos of my canaries with friends from the Canary mailing list. These first pages were terrible, but then, I kept on learning and I think they're now quite nice to look at. I began with Paint Shop Pro (which was then version 5) in early 1999 and was addicted immediately. Fortunately, I soon found the Paint Shop Pro Users Group and joined their Self-Learning Programme which they started in June 1999. That helped me an awful lot in progressing my skills!!

Essay:   Meanwhile, I'm writing tutorials for the SLP myself, and am assisting Robert with the tutorials section. Furthermore, I've begun to translate the PSPUG tutorials into German, my mother tongue, which is a lot of fun to do. So, if you've got German-speaking friends who're looking for PSP tutorials in German, just send them to the PSPUG Tutorials section! :-))