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Name:  Kym Sturdevant

Nick:  Ped

ICQ:  4203164

AIM Contact:  KymPed

Web site:  Ped's Ares (aka Kevin Smith) Page and Read With One Eye Open

Duties:  Resources Coordinator, Chat Coordinator, IRC Technician

Bio:   I am 25 going on 80 (or so my Mom keeps telling me). I'm currently taking time off from attending California State University, Sacramento where I am (will be?) a Senior majoring in Computer Science.

When I'm not chatting up a storm on ICQ, AIM, or IRC, I can be found reading fanfiction. Occasionally I work at my job, cleaning houses. When I'm not doing *any* of the above stuff I can be found playing with PSP or "the poor man's PSP" LView Pro (whose Seamless tile converter I like a TON better than PSP's BTW). I have book end siblings… an older brother and a younger sister, of whom I am very proud... she's now happily married to the man she proposed to! He's currently in the Navy… so she's a military wife.

My interests (besides long-windedness and general weirdness) are Sci-fi (Babylon Five, Star Trek, Star Wars, Hercules, Xena, BattleStar Galactica, and a few other things), like any good ex-drama student I can quote most Monty Python Movies, I know more weird facts about swimming than even my friend the Olympic Medalist (but then I'm a qualified official and he isn't), I enjoy a good book and not so good books. <BEG>

Essay:   I originally discovered PSP when it was installed on one of the computers in the School (now College) of Engineering and Computer Science lab computers. I used it to make a simple text background for my Ares webpage back in early February 1997. At that time I did not own my own computer (blasphemous I know)… but kinda liked it and kept it in the back of my mind.

In the fall of 1997 I had to create an animated GIF for a class I was taking (ie the ADVANCED web class offered there), and since I now had my own computer I downloaded two seperate programs LView pro and PSP. I made an extremely lame animation of a bouncing green ball, the frames in PSP and animated it in LView Pro (which has had an animation function since version 2.0). When the two free downloads were running out of time, I checked the prices, for my graphic needs PSP was a bit outside my price range, so I paid for LView Pro.

Fast forward a year to the fall of 1998 when I had heard good things about the new version of PSP (5.0) from my friend Christine Cook-Fireheart, who Beta Tested version 5.0, and I decided to check it out again. I fell in LOVE with this program! I went crazy creating collages and banners for my web pages… and those of my friends! In fact the most infamous of these was my collage of banners… which became a t-shirt design!

I decided that with all the new GRUVY functions I just *had* to purchase PSP 5.0 About this time I discovered Web Graphics On a Budget (http://www.mardiweb.com/web) who recommended buying it from Provantage, for the bargain basement price of $65… so I did. This was in about mid-November, so I waited impatiently for it to come, and prayed it would reach my house before I left for my six week winter break. It did! and just barely in time.

So I had to venture home to my parent's house for six weeks, awaiting the time I could get back to Uni(versity) and PSP (okay I was also looking forward to my trip to Santa Monica as well… but that's another story). So I got back and immediately began playing with PSP. I started checking out tutorial web sites and following links. Eventually I found the PSPUG… and it took me a few days of debate, but decided that I should join.

Since then I've participated in the community activities, and some study sessions (or live classes as they're not called). When the call went up for volunteers, I checked out the job list and decided that I could handle being Resource manager… it's stuff I do anyway.

Towards the end of May, early June, of 1999 the then Chat Coordinator, Smyley, asked for new chat hosts, and like the raving lunatic, or misunderstood genius (take your pick), that I am I answered his call. So there I was, barely a leader for a few weeks, and now a chat host!

Well, it's been nearly four years now, and I can honestly say that except for some very basic adjustments because of my class schedule, I'm still hosting that Monday night chat! And when we're in need of a new IRC technician and Chat Coordinator, well, I answered the call. I think I was highly trained in something during my previous life, with all this call answering I've been doing.

In the summer of 2002, the new Edu leader, someone who'd I'd originally coerced into being a chat host, Prof_ asked me to join the Edu staff. And, like the complete sucker I am, I said yes. So, now I'm in charge of two areas, Chat and Resources, and am part of the Edu Dept. Over there I teach the beginning IRC class and help with HTML.

This is my story, and I'm sticking to it.