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SharonName:  Sharon

Nick:  Sharinvegas

Web site:  Sharon's Web World

Duties:  Community Activities Manager - ComAct

Bio:   Hi, I'm Sharon AKA Sharinvegas. I am a 51 year old School Bus Driver in the beautiful city of Las Vegas Nevada. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, moved to San Jose California when I was 5 years old, and 7 years ago, made the move of my life here to Las Vegas. I have two grown kids, and two grandchildren. I live here with my black cat Sunshine. My interest (besides Paint Shop Pro) are bowling, Union Organizing, and country music.

Essay:   I invested in my computer 3 years ago. I went to visit my Mother near Sacramento, California, and I played on her computer. I made some business cards, and I even made a calendar. I had so much fun creating on the computer, that I thought I should get one.

So here I have this wonderful computer, what should I do with it? I enrolled in VU web making classes on line. There I made my first web page, called Russ the Bus. It is about school bus safety. I then made my mother a web page for Mother's Day. After taking several classes at VU, I was searching for another class to take. So I signed up for Paint Shop Pro Picnic Basket. I was so excited about taking this class, that I didn't realize I didn't even have Paint Shop Pro. In a panic a couple of days before the class started I had to go get it. I didn't even know how to open it. Not realizing that this class was for people with knowledge of PSP, I made my way through the class. While surfing the net for tubes, I found a site that had a page for her homework. I e-mailed this person, and asked her where she was taking classes. She was kind enough to write back and gave me the PSPUG url.

That day changed my life. I signed up about 2 years ago. One summer while the Self Learning Programme was on a break, I was going through withdrawals. I started looking around the PSPUG site, and I saw the Community Activities. I joined in on the fun. I have been hooked ever since. This past summer, Old Dog (Sandy) e-mailed me, and asked me if I could take over the ComAct. I thought about it, and thought "Why Not." Sandy showed me the ropes. So here I am.