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SpiritWingsName:  Maggie

Nick:  SpiritWings

Web site: 

Duties:  Facilitator

Bio:   I am a 42 year old separated mother of 4, one of whom has now flown the nest. I started using computers in 1995 when I started my degree in psychology. Three years later I got my degree but still thought computers were glorified word processors.

Essay:   In 1998 I received a tidy sum of criminal injuries compensation and decided to get my own computer, and then I discovered the internet. My fledgling site slowly blossomed and I fell upon digital dolls, drag and drop doll makers left me cold so I just had to work out how to create them from scratch. I got a free copy of PSP5 with a computer magazine and discovered the joy of digital artistry, life has never been the same since. My children call me obsessed, I just think I'm creative :)