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The Activities Center would have to be the buzzing area of the Paint Shop Pro Users Group. It can also be called the Creative Center for this collection of graphics artists. Here is the perfect opportunity for our members to show off their artistic talents; whether it be for contests, activities or to showcase their fantastic artwork in our Gallery.

Art Gallery
Here you can view the beautiful images that our members have created. If you would like to submit your image, please go there for more information. Images will be rotated every quarter, so come on down and create some great images for us all to see!

Community Activities
Graphic activities are very popular and our Activities Team work hard to come up with original ideas to keep those creative minds piqued and active. The Community Activities (ComAct for short) now also has its own forum, where members can post their activity results.

Part of the Community Activities section, our birthdays section allows you to submit your own birthday so that our members can send some well-wishers your way in forms of e-mail or greeting cards.

You can send greeting cards straight from our site. We have the best of both worlds with our e-card greeting card system. You can choose from the many cards that are online, you can choose cards designed by other PSPUG members, and you can even upload your own graphic to send a custom card. And if you have any artwork you'd like to donate for our PSPUG E-cards, they would be much appreciated.

PSPUG Photo Workshop
Frequently, royalty free photographs are presented where you can work with them to develop your skills in enhancing, changing, creating new images using various PSP features and effects. Each activity presented has its own gallery where members' work is displayed. The Photo Workshop also has its own forum. Join in with us.