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Self Learning Programme
Hints, Tips and Help

There are a lot of ways to learn the Paint Shop Pro software. Some of these ways include reading books, participating in learning programs, following tutorials, etc. The talented volunteers here at PSPUG work together to create a great educational resource for PSP. Do take a look around. We are sure you will learn something.

The Paint Shop Pro Users Group has quite an extensive collection of tutorials, with tutorials for the beginner, with basics, effects and using plugins and web based applications. If you've ever wondered how some effects are accomplished, you might well find the answers here. Also our V8 and V9 tutorials are able to be done in the v10 program.

Self Learning Programme
The SLP is something we started in June 1999 and has grown in popularity each month. We publish a monthly curriculum that lists tutorials for Beginners, for more advanced users and we have challenge tutorials for all. The SLP Programme is the place to start.

Forum and Blog
Our Forum compliments are Learning Center as does our Blog. The Forum (a very popular resource) is a place to ask general questions or if participating in the SLP program to post homework. The Blog is where additional articles about using PSP are posted. Members are also able to post their articles and/or comments as well.

Tips & Tricks
Ever wondered about a shortcut to do things? Many users will discover little tricks that will help them use their PSP more efficiently. Some of those are shared within these pages. If you have a tip or a trick, be sure to share it with us!

Keep your suggestions coming! The purpose of the SLP Programme and Forum is to help people learn and improve their skills using PSP. And to make sure that happens, we need your continual suggestions as to topics you would like to see so don't hesitate to post them in the Forum.