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In the Resources Center you will find a multitude of resources to aid your Paint Shop Pro experience. On this page, we briefly explain each service in more detail. Use the quick reference guide on the right to quickly select your area of interest.

Here you will find a multitude of resources for tubes, fonts, articles, classes, forums, books, software and more.

Each month, our Librarian will pick out a couple of books to introduce to you. Here you will find book reviews, and introductions to books that we think could be of interest for you. A worthwhile area to visit if you are interested in reading more about Paint Shop Pro, graphics in general and web design.

Filters and Plugins
We have scoured the web for you in order to track down the many free and commercial filters and plug-ins that are available to enhance your graphics creations. If you have just purchased Paint Shop Pro and are unsure about installing plug-ins, we provide a step by step tutorial to do just that.

Software Review
Heard about an interesting piece of software and aren't sure whether or not it's worth the time or money? Over the years we have reviewed a number of software packages, plug-ins and filters for our members. We'll give you an overview of the workings, learning curve and usability of the software and also give examples of what the software can do, sparing you the headaches.

Link Graphics
Here you will find graphics that can be used to link back to us here at the PSPUG. There are buttons and banners, etc., all created by PSPUG members. If you have created a button or a banner, feel free to submit it to our site and we'll gladly add it on.

PlusPSP Alliance
The PSPUG and PlusPSP have established an Alliance in which the resources and message forums of the two respective groups will be available to each other. This arrangement will benefit the members of both groups as well as visitors to each of the two sites.