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General Resources

ClipArt.com:Clip Art in every imagineable category. Annual fee is VERY reasonable and all images are Royalty Free! Click on the banner to go there and see what they have to offer. This place comes HIGHLY recommended by several users.

GIF Wizard: A utility that will compress graphic files online or on your hard drive. There is a fee to use this. See the Web Graphics Optimizer software above if you will need to reduce file sizes often.

Photo Disk Images: Royalty free images to use for creating graphics.

Time Zone Converter: A handy page for converting between timezones. It's organized around location/city, rather than the name of the timezone.

Anfy Team Home Page: One of the Internet's most popular and best rated Java source sites. There are lots of very useful and fun to play with Java applets here.

Animated Gif Artists Guild, AGAG:An association for those who are animation GIF artists.

Ultimate 3D Links: The source on-line for finding out about, or finding, 3-D rendered graphics. Very, very cool and useful.

I ::Heart:: WAVs: A site with lots of great sounds. Especially useful for those who visit our IRC channel.

Frequently Asked Questions Related Technical Articles and Sites
These sites will help answer your questions on certain subjects related to web authoring, PSP, Image Types, and Scanning.

The Background FAQ
Which Color Palette?
Graphics File Format Comparison
JPEG FAQ With Link to part 2
Internet FAQ Archives

These sites will all help you with a wide variety of subject. Most of these links will lead you to GIF help related sites.

Browser Safe Color Palette
GIF Animation on the WWW
GIF Animation Tips From The Diner
Scanning Tips
Optimizing Animated GIFs
Image Help Site

Free Webspace

This is a list of some of the more popular free webspace comparison sites available. More are added all the time, so feel free to suggest one any time.

The Free Web-page list

Remote Image Hosting (for posting in our Forums, or in your LiveJournals)
Image Shack

General Resource Pages
These sites are collections of large amounts of resources ranging from HTML help to PSP tutorial and Tube links (Much like this Resource section).

In Search of Resources: This terrific site has all kinds of cool links...

JaguarWoman Design Resources: The Resources Area of the TRULY Gruvy Jaguarwoman.com

Hitbox Central's Resources: The Reference sheets at the very useful Hitbox Central, which I recommend you check out too.

Webreference.com: One of the Web's leading HTML help resources, and is helpful if you want to learn or remember some of the newest web design tools.

Troubleshooting and Resource Guide for Windows 95/98/ Millennium: or, How to Beat Your Computer Into Submission.

Lissa Explains it All: Bright and Colorful, this page will help you learn all about building webpages. Made for kids, by a kid... even those of us who can't strictly call ourselves children anymore benefit from the straightforward and example laden explanations Lissa gives. Man, did this help me understand CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), better than my HTML Professor ever did.

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