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Paint Shop Pro Resources The PSPUG site contains a lot of resources to help you in your quest for learning PSP. Please check the links in the resource center on the left first to see if we have what you need. If you cannot find what you're looking for, then this section of the site is an area to help you find related items, and other things that will be of great help to you in learning how to use and master Paint Shop Pro 3 - 8

Choose a Resource Subject:

If you still cannot find what you need, please visit one of our forums and our members are sure to help you. If you have any resources you'd like us to add to this page, please send an e-mail to and we will get it listed here promptly.

Learning PSP Forums and Newsgroups
Here are some sites that we know to offer Classes for PSP

PSP Users Group Study Sessions: We offer a self paced Learning Program in which we use a curriculum to provide monthly tutorials for learning and using PSP.

PSP Tutorials and Art Gallery:Home of many wonderful tutorial links and forums that will help you in your PSP work.

Here are some PSP-related Forums and Newsgroups.

Discussion Forums
PSPUG Message Forum
PSPUG Community Activities Forum
Other PSPUG Message Forums
TalkGraphics' PSP Discussion Forum
PSP Plus Place Forum
PSP Plus Place Wenesday Challenge Forum

This is a list of some of the more popular font sites on the web. If your favorite font site is not listed here, please suggest one any time. (You must pay for these fonts)
Divide By Zero
Astigmatic One Eye
Font-A-Licious (You must pay for these fonts)
BLAMBOT! Comic Fonts
Dry Heave Fonts
Fonts and Graphics
Flat Earth Fonts
The Font Pool
Dingbat Pages
ITC Fonts (You must pay for these fonts)
Katgyrl Fountain of Youth
Maniackers Designs (In Japanese)
FontFreak + 2000
Harold's Fonts
Font Garden
Pizza Dude (From Denmark)
Themeworld's Fonts
XS Fonts
Misprinted Type
Chank(Both Free and Pay)

Brushes Presets
Here is a listing of some of the more popular brushes sites available. If you know of one that is not listed, please suggest it.

Renald's Brushes (now at Nyla's World)
Val's Visions' Brushes
Brushes by Lady Thumper
Ogee Fire Brushes's Free PSP Brushes
Jane's Place's Brushes
Angela's PSP v8 Brushes
V's Brushes

Here a couple of preset sites that are available to you. Please suggest more sites if you know of others.

BladePro Presets:
Home of the Blade Pro Ring
KKWise's Blade Pro Presets
Handspan Studios
Designs by Donna's Blade Pro Presets
Asthetic Web's Blade Pro Presets

Version 7/8 PSP Presets:
Designs by Donna's Presets
Asthetic Web's Presets

Tube Sites PSP Resource Pages
These are some of the bigger and most popular tubes sites that we know of. If you would like your favorite Tubes Site listed here, please suggest one any time.

Pygal's Tube links
Tubes by Ivy's Graphics
Graphic Xtras' Donwloads
Starbryte's Picture Tubes
JASC Software's Free Picture Tubes
Garden Delight's Payware Tubes
Znowflake's Fantasy Tubes
Custom Tatu
Candee Kiss' Koshini Tubes (Payware)
CCD's Tube Heaven

These are some of the other PSP Resources sites that we know of. If you would like your favorite PSP Resources Site listed here, please suggest one any time.

PSP Plus (Alliance Page here at PSPUG)
Jumbo PSP Site
Sheilsoft's PSP Resources

The PSPUG Library contains reviews and more information about books covering PSP, HTML and other helpful information. The books below cover the Basics of Paint Shop Pro. If you are new to PSP, then these books are a great way to start. See the Library for more books.





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