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Filters Unlimited
Reviewed by Joyce Turner

Filters Unlimited is a Plugin Program which integrates into one program its own filters and any other compatible filters which you wish to import or that are already in the directory where you have installed Filters Unlimited . The program enables you to sort them, arrange them and also to create filters and presets. One can preview the effects and apply them to the images from within the program.

Description: Filters Unlimited is a Plugin Program. It comes with 150 filters. It is able to import up to 2000 filters. Then one can use them all within the Filters Unlimited Program. It has some presets, enables the creation of presets and the creation of filters. For those wishing to write the codes, there is an interface to do so and also a list of some of the coding and definitions of the coding. When working on an image, one can preview the effects and, by using the controls, change them as you wish before applying them to the image. It has been tested in the programs listed below. I have used it in Paint Shop Pro 6.0.

  1. Adobe Photoshop 3.0/ 4.0/ 5.0
  2. Adobe Premiere 4.2/ 5.0
  3. CiEBV Photoline 5.0
  4. Corel Xara 2.0
  5. ImageMan 32 Dll Suite
  6. Jasc Paint Shop Pro 5.0
  7. Micrografx Picture Publisher 7.0
  8. Ulead Photo Impact 4.0/ 4.2

Cost: Cost: $35.00
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A Demo version is available for download at http://www.icnet.de/intl/fundown.html. They also have a large selection of filters available for download on this page.

Installation: Filters Unlimited installs as a plugin. You must give the path to the relevant plug-in directory during installation.

Reviewer's Remarks: Filters Unlimited is easy to use and makes it easy to access and apply a large number of compatible filters from the one interface. One can make one's own databases or categories of filters.

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