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AV Bros Puzzle Pro 1.2 by AV Bros
Reviewed by Joyce Turner

Puzzle Pro 1.2 is an excellent plugin which allows one to make a puzzle from an image. It enables one to adjust the bevel, blur and opacity of each or all pieces. One can then save the pieces to different layers and manipulate them in one's imaging program as one wishes.

Description: Puzzle Pro 1.2 enables one to make a puzzle of an image and to modify the shapes of the pieces, the bevel of the edges, the opacity and the blur of each individual piece. One can save them to individual layers and then one can copy/paste them into an image and manipulate them as one wishes. There are numerous presets for the layout of the puzzle or one can make one's own. It supports CMYK, RGB and Grayscales modes. This http://avbros.com/software/puzzlepro/index.html link will take you to the description of the program and shows the interface. To download this program, use this http://avbros.com/software/downloads.html link. The link listing all of their software is http://avbros.com/software/index.html

Cost: Full Version: $29.95
Check out the Special Discounts Section to see if the special offer is in effect.

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop (4.0, 5.0, 5.5)
Adobe Image Ready (2.0)
Corel Photopaint (8, 9)
JascSoftware's Paint Shop Pro (5 and higher).

Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000

Installation: Puzzle Pro 1.2 installs as a plugin into Paint Shop Pro or whichever image program one is using.

Manual: There is a help page accessed by clicking on the "i" on the interface.

Illustrations: Illustration made by the reviewer using Puzzle Pro 1.2.

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