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Welcome to the Paint Shop Pro Users Group Software Reviews. I know that many of you are looking for programs to help you with creating better graphics and designing Web pages as well as various system utilities. And there are so many to choose from out there that it's hard to know which one will do the job "just right". So to save you time (and money) in your search, we present this review section to help you find just what you may need. Our reviewers will let you know which are the jewels, which are the duds and everything inbetween.

Below you will find the most current review. To see previous reviews, click on the links to the left or click here for a more detailed listing. I hope that you find these useful.

Most Recent Review

Photo Enhancement Plug-ins
by Akvis Software

Reviewed by PSPUG Staff

AKVIS has four plugins available which allow enhancing photographs in various ways. A PSPUG team reviewed these plugins which are summarized below and which link to the full review for that plug-in.

The plugins are of commercial grade and accomplish enhancements of refinements of photographs using techniques that provide smooth, seamless results. Each plugin comes with a PDF tutorial file that is quite complete in its description of Installing the plugin, of using it and providing a number of examples that are most helpful in learning how the plugin works.

Each plugin may be tried free for 10 days where upon one must register the plugin and receive a Key to activate it.

OS: All plugins will work with Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, NT; Mac OS X and are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro (all versions) and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

COST: Price range of plugins from $49.00 to $89.00


Summary Review of the Plug-ins

CHAMELEON: Chameleon allows the combining of objects from various other photographs into a main photograph creating collages. It can also be used to capture selections from a photograph and transfer them to another area. It will blend the new objects into the original photograph making seamless additions. Various Languages are available for the tutorial.

ENHANCER: A very easy plug in to use for clarifying pictures, in particular clarifying details not easily seen in original picture. Will enhance photo's. Has three switches that allow adjustments that will lighten, sharpen detail, accentuate shadows so that outcome is a much better photo.

RETOUCHER: The retoucher plugin restores photographs that have defects (lines, tears, folds, dust and other imperfections). The result is a smooth and seamless restoration of such imperfections.

STAMP: Stamp is a plugin that allows retouching of photographs and other image imperfections. In essence it is a cloning tool but with some very different and important features. As one uses this tool the cloning effects are blended into the current background which provides a very smooth seamless outcome. There are various ways to use this tool from retouching to adding objects from one part of the photograph to another area