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Xara X by Xara Ltd
Reviewed by Joyce Turner

Xara X is a full-featured vector graphics package with a profusion of features from vector and bitmap transparency to making button bars including the html, blending and more. The features are listed below. The transparency and blending are instantaneous and one can see the results instantly.

Description: Xara X by Xara Ltd. is a wonderful vector graphics program. It has real-time onscreen anti-aliasing and transparency, RGB hex web color support, blending, a contour tool, bitmap transparency, a names gallery, a shadow tool and integrates with Dreamweaver. Xara X performs image slicing, multi-stage live and interactive graduated color fills, linked stretching of objects and much more. (See below). The CD contains 3000 clipart images, 200 photos, 250 fills, and 250 TT and postscript fonts. The clipart gallery also links to the web so that more clipart can be downloaded.

Features: 1. General  (This link will take you to Xara X's home page for the General Features.)

  • The vector factor
  • Bitmap handling
  • Compatibility
  • Printing / imagesetting
  • Color support
  • Anti-aliasing

2. Designing (This link will take you to Xara X's tour page for the Designing Features.)

  • Drawing tools
  • Transparency
  • Blending
  • Feathering
  • Contours
  • Bevels
  • Fills
  • Shadows
  • Brushes
  • Moulds / envelopes
  • Text handling
  • ClipView
  • Name gallery

3. Web Graphics (This link will take you to Xara X's tour page for the Web Graphics Features.)

  • Navigation buttons
  • Flash export (.swf)
  • Animation
  • Dreamweaver integration
  • Hexadecimal RGB web color
  • Image slicing
  • Image maps
  • Exporting and optimizing
  • Linked stretching
4. Interactivity(This link will take you to Xara X's tour page for the Interactivity Features.)
  • Speed
  • Direct Action Tools
  • Drag & drop
  • Pressure sensitivity
  • Profiles
  • Zoom
  • Undo / redo

Cost: Xara X: $149.00 US.

To Purchase the Full Program, go to the Xara X Download Page, download the trial version (good for 30 days) and install it. Then within the program, click on Purchase and then click on Full, and follow the instructions. The product CD will then be shipped to you.

Upgrade Copy: $69.00 US (This is for owners of CorelXARA, Xara Studio, or ArtWorks)

Requirements: Intel Compatible 486 or better, minimum 12 MB of ram (64 MB better), 20 MB available hard disc space and minimum screen resolution of 640 x 480.

Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000

Installation: If one downloads the trial version, then one follows the instructions given for installation. Then if you purchase the full program, the trial version should be uninstalled when you receive the CDs. Then reinstall Xara X from the CD. If one purchases the full program and then installs, then one just uses the CD and follows the instructions.

Manual: On the Tutorial Cd are approximately 80 short movies on specific subjects. There are also 3 longer movies. These give a general overview, a design intro, and a web intro. One can stop them at a point of interest or go to a specific part of the instructions. Moreover, the HELP files are extremely well written.

Illustrations: Illustrations made by the reviewer using Page Curl 1.2.

Reviewer's Remarks: Xara X is a marvelous program. The interactivity of the program allows one to view the changes as one drags the mouse. This means that one can view the changes in transparency or in the shadow, etc. instantaneously! Drag and Drop with colors on blends and images works superbly. The tutorials are a tremendous help in learning the program. The speed and ease with which one can create images are amazing.

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