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Effects and the Effect Browser
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Effects and the Effect Browser
Created by: Zonia

In this lesson we will briefly cover PSP Effects and using the Effect Browser. PSP comes with many effects which you can see by clicking on the Effects menu and looking at the sub-menus. In the next lesson we will be covering some of the most commonly used effects. In this lesson we will explore what the different effects do using the Effect Browser.
Download File Download File
The download file on the left contains the image I applied one of the effects to.

New Image
Effects don't work without an image open so let's create one real quick! Go to File || New (Ctrl+N):
– Width = 200 pixels
– Height = 200 pixels
– Resolution = 72.00 pixels
– Background = Raster
– Color Depth = 16 Million Colors (24 Bit)
– Color = Transparent checked
Flood Fill Tool  Preset: Reset to Default Option

Materials Palette - Materials Box  Materials Gradient Option

Click on your Flood Fill tool and reset to default. In the Tool Options palette, set the Match Mode = None.

In the Materials palette, set the Foreground to Gradient and flood-fill the empty canvas with a gradient of your choice (I chose Rainbow Pastel).


Go to Effects || Effect Browser. On the left hand side of the Effect Browser you will see folders. In the big area in the middle will be thumbnails depending on which folder is selected. On the right is the controls.

In the folder section you will see two main categories: Adjust and Effects. The Adjust section contains effects on the Adjust menu and the Effects section contains effects on the Effects menu.

Click on the different folders and look at the thumbnails. This is the easiest way to see what the different effects do.


Now that you have a general idea what the different effects do, let's see how to use the Effect Browser to apply an effect.

You should still have the Effect Browser open. Choose an effect you like by clicking on the thumbnail. I chose Texture Effects || Tiles || Bath Tiles.

Once you have chosen an effect you like click on the Apply button to the right. This will close the Effect Browser and apply the effect. The image is already seamless so you can use it as a fill.

Tip: If you want to apply different effects to the same beginning image duplicate the beginning image (Window || Duplicate or Shift+D) before applying an effect.


You can apply more than one effect on the same image. Duplicate (Window || Duplicate or Shift+D) the image with the effect applied to it.

Go to Effects || Effect Browser and find another effect you like and apply it. I chose Texture Effects || Straw-wall || Factory Defaults. Click on Apply.

You should now have two images. Save (File || Save) them and close them.


Open Image
Now let's modify an effect using the Effect Browser. Open "goldfishzjh.jpg" included in the download file. Duplicate it with Window || Duplicate (Shift+D), then go to Effects || Effect Browser, choose Reflection Effects || Kaleidoscope and click on one of the thumbnails. Click on the Modify button on the right. This will open the Kaleidoscope dialog the same as if you would have gone to Effects || Reflection Effects || Kaleidoscope on the menu bar.
Randomize Take a few minutes and look around the dialog. Try changing some of the settings. Click the dice a few times. The dice is for randomizing the settings and can produce some pretty interesting effects.

These are the settings I used:
– Horizontal Offset = -58 (minus 58)
– Vertical Offset = -1 (minus 1)
– Rotation Angle = 25
– Scale Factor = 68
– Number of Petals = 20
– Number of Orbits = 4
– Radial Suction = 55
– Edge Mode = Reflect

Save (File || Save) your image.


PSP has many effects. Take some time to explore them so you can see what they do. Using different images while exploring the effects will give you an even better idea of what an effect does.

This lesson just covered the basics of using effects. In the next lesson we will cover some of the most commonly used effects.

If while changing settings for the different effects you find something you really like then don't forget to save the preset. You can also find several places where you can download presets other people have made.

I hope you have fun exploring the effects.