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Kaleidoscope Floral
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Kaleidoscope Floral
Created by:Teaser

Kaleidoscope Floral
This is a fun, easy tutorial that creates an interesting floral graphic. No two will ever be the same so it will be interesting to see everyone's outcome. Let's get started!
Standard Toolbar - New (image) button

Layer Palette - Create layer button

Tool Palette - Selection tool

Open a 400 x 400, white image.

To turn on the rulers:
Go to View || Rulers.

Create a new layer:
Go to Layers || New Raster Layer.

Activate the Selection tool. Set as follows:
Selection type = Circle
Feather = 0
Antialias = checked

View showing where to place cursor

Using the rulers as your guide, position the cursor over the center of the image.

In this case, "center" would be 200 on the left, vertical ruler and 200 on the top, horizontal ruler.

Hold down the Shift key and draw a circle out to approximately 300x300 pixels.

Tool Palette - Airbrush tool
Activate the Airbrush tool. Set as follows:
Shape = Round
Size = 25
Hardness = 0
Opacity = 45
Step = 1
Density = 40

View of what it should appear as when filled in

Using the Airbrush, slash-color across the circle in all directions.
Change colors often.
For the most part, choose lighter color values.
Avoid using white because the next effect we will be using makes it too harsh.
Use darker shades for depth but don't make it too dark.

Continue painting slashes of different colors until all areas of the selection are filled in.
Don't leave any holes.
Have fun and don't worry about clashing colors.

Do not yet deselect!
Save your work in .psp format.

View after Brush Stroke effect

Go to Effects || Artistic Effects || Brush Strokes. Set as follows:
Length = 15
Density = 100
Bristles = 175
Width = 15
Opacity = 5
Softness = 1
Angle = 309
Color = White

You should have an shin, furry effect with the colors blending into each other.

View after Kaleidoscope Effect has been applied 2 times.

Go to Effects || Reflection Effects || Kaleidoscope. Set as follows:
Horizontal offset = 0
Vertical offset = 7
Rotation angle = 0
Scale factor = 4
Number of petals = 5
Number of orbits = 0
Radial suction = 63
Click on OK.

Apply Kaleidoscope Effect (settings unchanged) again.

Deselect now with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None).

Save your work in .psp format.

Finished graphic

Finally, if you want to, you can place a drop shadow behind the graphic.

Go to Effects || 3D Effects || Drop Shadow. Set as follows:
Vertical offset = 1
Horizontal offset = 1
Opacity = 100
Blur = 30
Shadow color = Choose a complimentary color by first moving the Shadow dialog box off to the side so you can see your drawing; then hold your cursor over the drawing and click on the darkest shade of your image.

Click on OK to set the shadow.

Save your work in .psp format.

You may want to resize the image at this time and save as a .jpg or .gif as well to show it on your website.