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Blue Star Banner
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Blue Star Banner
Created by:GraphicButterfly

Blue Star Banner
After reading an article in the paper, I was inspired to create this banner. If you would like to learn more about the banner please visit Blue Star Mothers.
Download the attachments for this tutorial Download File
Before you start, download the zip file on the left which contains the background image used in this tutorial.

Standard Toolbar - New (image) button
Create a new image:
Width = 90 pixels
Height = 180 pixels
Resolution = 72 pixels
Background color = White
Image type = 16.7 Million Colors (24 Bit)
Let's set up our styles and colors:
Both Foreground and Background style = Solid Color
Foreground color = Blue (Red = 30, Green = 37, Blue = 63;
Background color = Red (Red = 144, Green = 20, Blue = 22;
Both Foreground and Background texture = None
Lock = checked

Go to Images || Add Borders:
Symmetric = checked
Top/Bottom/Left/Right = 36

(You only need to type in the size for the top border, the others are filled in automatically if the Symmetric option is checked.)

Change your background color to the same Blue as the foreground color.

Tool Palette - Preset Shapes tool
Click on your Preset Shapes tool and choose 'Star 2' for the shape, then set:
Retain Style = unchecked
Antialias = checked
Create as vector = checked
Line width = 1
Line style = #1 Solid (Default)

Draw the star in the center of the image. Watch your third set of numbers in the Statusbar. It should be (50,48). When you have that the way you want it go to Objects || Align || Center in canvas.

In your Layer palette, right-click on that layer and then choose "Convert to Raster Layer" from the popup menu. Right-click on any layer and go to Merge || Merge visible in the popup menu.


You should now have something that looks like a dark blue star centered on a white background with a red border.

Go to Image || Canvas size and change
New width = 210
New height = 300
Center image horizontally/vertically = both checked

Change your foreground and background style to 'Pattern' (click on the arrows in the style boxes and choose the third icon from left), then click into the style boxes and set:
Pattern = Stained Wood
Scale = 50
Angle = 0

Tool Palette - Preset Shapes tool
For the Preset Shapes tool, change your Shape = Ellipse. Holding the Shift key down, draw out a circle of about (20,20). Move it up to just left of the banner. Right-click on that layer in the Layer palette and convert it to a raster layer.
Go to Effects || 3D Effects || Inner Bevel with these settings:
Bevel = Pie shape (#2 on first row)
Width = 31
Smoothness = 100
Depth = 24
Ambience = -42 (minus 42)
Shininess = 0
Color = white
Angle = 18
Intensity = 50
Elevation = 59

Go to Layers || Duplicate. Then, go to Image || Mirror.

Layer Palette - Layer visibility offTool Palette - Preset Shapes tool


Turn off your banner layer by clicking on the eyeglasses in your Layer palette. Change your Preset Shape to Rectangle, Antialias and Vector still checked. Change your line width to 6. Make sure your stained wood pattern is still set in styles.

Draw a line from one of your circles to the other. Convert that layer to raster layer and apply the same inner bevel as before. With the banner layer still off, move the bar layer behind the two circles and go to Layers || Merge || Merge visible. Your bar should now look something like this.

Layer Palette - Layer visibility on

Tool Palette - Selection tool

Turn your banner layer back on and move that layer above the bar layer. The banner should rest just above and on top of the bar.

With your Selection Tool set to Rectangle make a selection on the banner at the top about 15 pixels deep. Mine started at about (23,24) and went to (162,15) (third set of numbers in the Statusbar).

While still selected, apply the Inner Bevel effect as before. Deselect by going to Selections || Select None (Ctrl+D).

Merge your layers (Layers || Merge || Merge visible) and go to Image || Canvas Size. Increase 'New Width' to 250 leaving the other settings as are.

Layer Palette - Create layer button

Standard Toolbar - Open (image) button Tool Palette - Flood Fill tool

Then go to Layers || Add new Layer, then to Layers || Arrange || Move to Bottom.

Open your Blue Star background picture (bluestarbg.jpg) from the download file. Your foreground style is still set to 'Pattern'. Click into the Foreground-Style box, and in the pattern list, find the blue star background:
Scale = 50
Angle = 0

Click on the Flood-Fill tool in your tool palette and then into the image to flood-fill your background layer with the pattern.

(Note: If the blue background is too dark, you can use Colors || Adjust || Brightness/Contrast and set Brightness = about 75 and Contrast = about 50.)

Make sure your banner layer (the top layer) is active by clicking on it in the Layer palette. Go to Effects || 3D Effects || Drop Shadow and apply the following settings:
Vertical Offset = 5
Horizontal Offset = 5
Opacity = 100
Blur = 15
Color = Black

If you want to give it more depth apply the drop shadow a second time.

Tool Palette - Magic Wand tool

Tool Palette - Flood Fill tool

Make your background the Red color again (Red = 144, Green = 20, Blue = 22; #901416).

Then go to Layers || Merge || Merge all (Flatten). Now go to Image || Add Borders and change the size for 'Top' to 15 (the other values change automatically since 'Symmetric' is still checked).

Your foreground style is still set to 'Pattern'; now choose the 'Stained Wood' pattern again, but change the Angle = 90.

With your Magic Wand use these settings:
Match mode = RGB Value
Tolerance = 0
Feather = 0

Now select the new red border at the edge of your image. Then flood-fill with the wood pattern. Don't yet deselect.

While still selected go to Selections || Invert. Then go to Effects || 3D Effects || Cutout and apply the following settings:
Vertical Offset = 10
Horizontal Offset = 10
Opacity = 100
Blur = 20
Shadow color = Black
Fill interior with color = unchecked

Repeat the Cutout effect, changing the Horizontal and Vertical Offset to -10 (minus 10). Don't yet deselect.


Go to Selections || Invert and apply the same Inner Bevel effect as before.

Last go to Selections || Select None (Ctrl+D) and you are done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will display your blue star banner proudly on your web page.