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Cutout Buttons
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Cutout Buttons
Created by: Pinoy7

Create a new image, 150x150 pixels, white background and 16 million colors.
Click on your Selection tool:
Selection Type = Circle
Feather = 0
Antialias = checked
Draw a round selection inside your new image.
Set your foreground color to white and your background color to black.
Click on your Flood Fill tool:
Blend mode = Normal
Match mode = None
Tolerance = n/a
Opacity = 100
Sample merged = unchecked
Set your foreground style to Gradient (click on the arrow in the foreground style box and choose the second icon from the left), then click into the foreground style box:
Gradient = Foreground-Background
Horizontal = 70
Vertical = 70
Repeats = 0
Style = Sunburst Gradient (3rd icon from top)
Invert gradient = unchecked
Click inside the selection to fill it with the gradient.

Go to Selections || Modify || Contract, contract by 3.

Click into your foreground style box, and change only the following settings:
Horizontal/Vertical = 30
Click again inside the contracted selection to fill with the gradient.
Go to Colors || Colorize:
Hue = 34
Saturation = 113

Now deselect with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None).

To add a text, click on the "Text" tool, then on the button. Be sure you have "Floating selection" checked. Under Styles, Stroke should be None, Fill should be Solid Color. The text color doesn't matter.
Add any text you want, center the text on the button, then go to Selections || Save to Alpha Channel and click on OK twice to save your selection.

Press the Delete key.

Load the saved selection: Go to Selections || Load From Alpha Channel and pick your selection.
Now, go to Effects || 3D Effects || Cutout. Settings I used:
Vertical Offset = 3
Horizontal Offset = 3
Opacity = 90
Blur = 5
Shadow color = black
Fill interior with color = unchecked.

Deselect with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None).