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Xmas Cameo
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Christmas Cameo Gift

Created by: the Prof

In this tutorial, we will create a cameo necklace in a gift box to give as a present to anyone you want. We will use Tubes, a Vector Layer for curved text and a number of great PSP effects and features.

The download contains 6 files: Three are TUB files and three are the same but are PSP files in case you are not able to export the TUB files to use. As my gift to you, I wish you a very happy holiday.

-- theProf --

Saving the TUB Files

Open the three (3) TUB Files:

  • Bows.tub
  • Gold_Chain.tub
  • jd-xmas_angel5.tub

It is possible that PSP7 users may have the Bows and Gold Chain TUB files and PSP6 users may have the Bows TUB file, so check first by clicking on your TUBES Tool and scrolling through the tubes. If not, then you may use these files. Export these files as .tub files:

  • Use File || Export || Picture Tube with these values:

  • Bows:
    • Cells Across = 4
    • Cells Down = 3
    • Total Cells = 12
    • Placement Mode = Random
    • Step Size = 225
    • Selection Mode = Random
    • Tub Name = Bows.tub
    • Click on OK
  • Gold Chain:
    • Cells Across = 8
    • Cells Down = 9
    • Total Cells = 72
    • Placement Mode = Continuous
    • Step Size = 1
    • Selection Mode = Incremental
    • Tub Name = Gold Chain.tub
    • Click on OK
  • jd-xmas_angel5:
    • Cells Across = 1
    • Cells Down = 1
    • Total Cells = 1
    • Placement Mode = Random
    • Step Size = 155
    • Selection Mode = Random
    • Tub Name = jd-xmas_angel5.tub
    • Click on OK

Once finished, close the three files.

Creating the Cameo

Create a New Canvas

  • File || New (in pixels)
  • Width = 300
  • Height = 300
  • Background Color = Transparent
  • Image Type = 16 M Colors (24 bit)
  • Click on OK
  • Double Click on the Layer1 and label: BG

Create the Angel Layer

  • Create a New Layer Labeled: Angel
  • Use the Picture Tube Tool (Paint brush with blue tack icon)
  • Select: jd-xmas_angel5
  • Click in the center of the canvas
  • Then to Center the Image:
    • File || Copy (Control + C)
    • File || Paste as a New Layer (Control + L)
    • Delete the Angel Layer
    • Rename the New Layer: Angel
  • Note: If you were not able to export as a TUB file, use the .tub download file from above. Just Copy it and then Paste it as a new Layer on your canvas. Then Label the layer: Angel)

Create the Cameo Background

  • Highlight the BG Layer
  • Create a New Layer Labeled: Cameo
  • Use the Selection Tool
    • Selection Type = Ellipse
    • Feather = 0
    • Antialias = Checked
  • Place Cursor at Coordinates 150 x 150 and drag an elliptical selection around the Angel: Coordinates that equal 210 x 260
  • Set Foreground Color = White (solid)
  • Use Flood Fill Tool and click inside the selection
  • Do Not Deselect

Create the Cameo Texture

  • Highlight the Cameo Layer
  • PSP7: Effects || Textures || Texture
  • PSP6: Image || Effects || Texture
    • PSP7: Texture: #11 (Crumbled Paper2.bmp)
    • PSP6: Texture: #9
    • Size = 220
    • Smoothness = 40
    • Depth = 2
    • Ambience = 0
    • Shininess = 0
    • Color = Pastel Yellow (255, 252, 245)
    • Angel = 315
    • Intensity = 50
    • Elevation = 30
    • Click on OK
    • Do Not Deselect

Create Depth on the Cameo

  • Highlight the Cameo Layer
  • Add a New Layer Labeled: Cameo-depth
  • PSP7: Effects || 3D Effects || Cutout
  • PSP6: Image || Effects || Cutout
    • Vertical and Horizontal Offset = 0
    • Fill Interior Color = Unchecked
    • Opacity = 100
    • Blur = 80
    • Shadow Color = Dark Tan (181, 160, 123)
    • Click on OK
    • Do Not Deselect

Develop Gold Casing Around Cameo

  • Highlight the Cameo-depth Layer
  • Add a New Layer Labeled: Casing
  • Use: Selections || Save to Alpha Channel
  • Use: Selections || Modify || Expand with value of 6
  • Use: Flood Fill Tool and flood fill with any color
  • Use: Selections || Modify || Contract with a value of 8
  • Use DELETE Key to remove center part
  • Deselect (Control + D)
  • Use: Magic Wand (RGB VALUE, Tolerance = 0, Feather = 0, Sample = Unchecked)
  • Click inside the colored circle just created in the Casing Layer
  • Use Textures:
    • PSP7: Effects || Textures || Texture
    • PSP6: Image || Effects || Texture
    • Use any Preset Wanted (I used Dross)
    • Click on OK
  • Use Sculpture:
    • PSP7: Effects || Textures || Sculpture
    • PSP6: Image || Effects || Sculpture
    • Select the Gold Preset
    • Repeat using the Gold Preset again
  • Deselect (Control + D)
  • Drag the Casing Layer Below the Cameo Layer

Adding a Clasp to the Casing

We need a clasp for a chain so that the Cameo may be hung around someone special's neck. The Image for now needs to be resized (increased) so that we have enough room for the next steps.

  • Use Image || Canvas Size
    • New Width and New Height = 400
    • Check Both Center image boxes
    • Click on OK
  • Let's SAVE our Work as a PSP file
    • File || Save AS
    • File Name: Cameo01.psp
  • Highlight the Top Layer (Angel)
  • Create a New Layer Labeled: Clasp
  • Use Selection Tool: (Settings should still be: Ellipse, Feather = 0, & Antialias Checked)
  • Place cursor at coordinates 200, 66 which should be at top of Casing and in the center.
  • Hold Mouse button and draw a small ellipse selection to equal coordinates of approximately 30,70
  • Flood Fill that selection with any color
  • Use Selections || Modify || Contract with value of 6
  • Use: Delete Key to remove center portion
  • Deselect (Control + D)
  • Use Magic Wand and click in the solid area of the clasp
  • Use Textures again with same values.
    • PSP7: Effects || Textures || Texture
    • PSP6: Image || Effects || Texture
    • Use any Preset Wanted (I used Dross)
    • Click on OK
  • Use Sculpture again with same values.
    • PSP7: Effects || Textures || Sculpture
    • PSP6: Image || Effects || Sculpture
    • Select the Gold Preset
    • Repeat using the Gold Preset again
  • Deselect (Control+D)
  • Drag the Casing Layer Below the Casing Layer
  • Save your Work

Create the Gold Chain

We will use the Tube Tool and Create a Gold Chain. You will start and finish drawing the chain at the top of the clasp just created. Draw the chain along the right side of the Angel image mostly outside in the transparent area. However, it does not truly matter. Just draw the chain to your liking. Use the Chain.PSP image downloaded as a guide.

  • Highlight the Angel Layer
  • Create a New Layer labeled: Chain
  • Use the Tube Tool (Paint Brush with a blue tack)
  • Select: Gold Chain with these values:
    • Scale about 15 (more or less for your taste)
    • Step = 1
  • Draw the Chain. Take your time.
    • Start at top of Clasp.
    • Hold down mouse button and draw.
    • Loop in an Ellipse fashion around right edge of Cameo and around the bottom of the cameo. You might want to loop a couple of times to create a long chain.
    • End by joining at the clasp where you started.
    • Release mouse button to stop drawing.
  • If you do not like the chain effect, click on Control + Z and just start drawing again. Readjust the Scale if you want.
  • When satisfied, use the SCULPTURE EFFECT again (twice)
  • Optional: Drag the Chain Layer below the Clasp Layer.
  • Then, Save your Work

Create the Curved Text Greeting

At this point, I decided I wanted a Christmas Text message in Green. Therefore I decided I wanted a green hue to the Cameo. So before creating the text, let's shift the Cameo-depth color.

  • Highlight the Cameo-depth Layer
  • Use Colors || Colorize
    • Set Hue = 80
    • Set Saturation = 32
    • You might like to use other colors, so just experiment
    • Click on OK

Creating the Curved Text Greeting

Curved Text is created by using a VECTOR Layer and a curved line. Vector Layers allow manipulation of curved lines to create other types of curves. We will not explore using Vector's in this lesson, just how to create Curved Text.

  • Create a New VECTOR Layer at Top, labeled Shape
    • Right Click on the Angel Layer for Context Menu
    • Select New Vector Layer
  • Use the Preset Shapes Tool (Red Circle on Blue Square Icon)
  • PSP7:
    • Set Style = Ellipse
    • Retain Style = Unchecked
    • Antialias = checked
    • Create as a Vector=Checked
    • Line Width = 1
    • Line Style = #1 (Solid)
  • PSP6:
    • Shape Type = Ellipse
    • Style = Filled
    • Line Width = 1
    • Antialias = Checked
    • Create as a Vector = Checked
  • Place cursor at coordinates 200, 200
    • Right Click on Mouse
    • Drag to coordinates 150, 170
    • Release Mouse
  • Coordinates are approximate. You want to just cover the angel. Also, at this point do not worry about the color in the shape as later we will be deleting this layer.

  • Use the Text Tool
  • Click any where in the colored shape
    • Name = Arial MT Black
    • Script = Western
    • Size = 12
    • Auto Kern = checked
    • Floating = Checked
    • Antialias = Checked
    • PSP7: Styles Stroke = null
    • PSP7: Styles Fill = Paintbrush
    • PSP7: Click on Fill Box and set color to Green (0, 128, 0)
    • PSP6: Click in the Single Box and set color to Green (0, 128, 0)
    • Enter Text: Merry Christmas (or your preference)
    • Click on OK
  • Text Now surrounds the shape as a Floating Selection

  • Highlight the Shape Layer and click on the plus sign
  • Right click for context menu and Delete
  • Right Click on the Floating Selection Layer and select PROMOTE TO A LAYER
  • Double click on the Promoted Selection Layer and relabel: Text
  • Now, the Text shows up with out the shape. Highlight the Text Layer. Use the Mover Tool and move and position the text so that it is just above the halo.
  • Then Deselect (Control+D)
  • Drag the Text Layer to below the Cameo-Depth Layer
  • Set the Text Layer Opacity to 30%
  • Save your work

Create the Ribbon

In this step we will create a new layer, first fill it with a solid red color, then use the Weave Effect and then eliminate what we don't want to create a ribbon effect for our box.

  • Create a New Layer at Top Labeled: Ribbon
  • Flood Fill with a Solid Red Color
  • PSP7: Effects || Texture Effects || Weave
  • PSP6: Image || Effects || Weave
  • All Values are approximate: End result is a set of two weaved red ribbons on a black background
    • Gap Size = 130
    • Width = 30
    • Opacity = 100
    • Weave Color = Black
    • Gap Color = Black
    • Fill Gaps = Checked
  • Use the Magic Wand
    • Set Match Mode = Hue
    • Tolerance = 0
    • Feather = 0
    • Sample Merged = Unchecked
  • Click mouse in a black area between the red weaves and use the DELETE Key. Repeat as necessary to delete all black areas between the weave. Then click on Deselect (Control+D) and remove the selection.
  • The Cameo now will show through.

Modify the Ribbon

I want the Ribbon to only have a single weave and I want it on the left and bottom of the image. Thus, we need to modify it some now.

  • Use Image || Flip
  • Use Image || Mirror

Now, I need to remove the Top and Right Ribbons. The easiest way to do so is to Zoom the image and work on parts using the selection tool and the Delete Key. Don't worry if you remove some of the ribbon wanted as we will fix that next.

  • Use Selection Tool set to Rectangle
  • Start with a section at a time and draw a rectangle around it
  • Use Delete Key
  • Continue until you have just a single weave

Move the Ribbon

The Ribbon needs to be positioned to not cover the Cameo Pendant Image. But before we move it I also need a piece of the horizontal ribbon to fix the horizontal ribbon later.

  • Use Selection Tool
    • Draw a selection around the left side of the horizontal ribbon to the break. The selection should cover just the ribbon.
    • Use: Edit || Copy (Control+C)
    • Deselect (Control+D)
  • Use the Mover Tool
    • Place Cursor on a ribbon
    • Hold and Drag to move ribbon so none touches the cameo
  • Paste as a New Layer, the Ribbon Area Copied (Control+L) and Move that layer to cover the area needed at bottom of image.
  • You may have to Paste a New Layer twice to fill all the ribbon
  • Turn Off all layers except the Ribbon and top Layer(s)
  • Use: Layers || Merge Visible to create a single ribbon layer
  • Then use the Selection Tool again and copy the Vertical Ribbon and Paste it as a New Layer.
  • Then move that layer over the vertical ribbon to make it a solid ribbon to the top.
  • Then use: Layers || Merge Visible
  • Finally Turn On all layers
  • Double click on the Merged Layer and rename to Ribbon
  • Drag it to below the Chain Layer

Making the Box

We again need more canvas and then we will create the box.

  • Use Image || Canvas Size
    • New Width and New Height = 430
    • Both Center Image = Checked
    • Click on OK
  • Set the Foreground Color to White
  • Set the Background Color to Pastel Green (192, 255, 192)
  • Highlight the BG Layer
  • Flood Fill the BG Layer with White
  • PSP7: Effects || 3D Effects || Buttonize
  • PSP6: Image || Effects || Buttonize
    • Height and Width = 15
    • Opacity = 100
    • Solid Edge = Checked
    • Click on OK
  • Use Colors || Negative Image

Viola !!!!

Adding the Bow

  • Create a New Layer above Ribbon and label it Bow
  • Use the Tubes Tool
    • Select Bows
    • Scale = 75
    • Click on Ribbon area
    • If you don't like the bow size or color, first use Control+Z and then reset scale and redo again until satisfied. And, you might use the Mover Tool also to move it.
    • Save your PSP image.
  • Now for the Final Touches:
    • Use Window || Duplicate to save the PSP file.
    • Use Layers || Merge All
    • Use: Image || Add Borders with Symmetric checked and values of 20. Click on OK
    • Use Magic Wand with RGB Value, Tolerance and Feather = 0 and click in the Green Border.
    • Use Effects || Texture again with same settings.
    • The use: Colors || Negative Image
    • Deselect (Control+D)
    • You could save this image now as is or resize it
    • Use Resize with values of 300 pixels
    • Finally use: Effects || Sharpen

Viola!!!! Now just save as a GIF file or a JPEG file and use it on your web page.

Creating cameo using any tube is a way to give fine gifts to loved ones and is a lot of fun. If you want to make the Angel in this image opaque, just lower the opacity in its layer to about 30% before you merge images. As always, have fun.

-- theProf -- :o)