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Gold Locket
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Gold Locket Tutorial
Created by: Carolyn Ross

How about making an old photo into a locket?
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If you don't have an old photo available to do this tutorial you can download some here. Also included in the zip file is the free dingbat font "Flower Show" from that I used to decorate the locket cover. Of course you can also use any other dingbat of your choice.

I also used the free Pool Shadow filter of Filter Factory A in this tutorial.

Open a new document 400 x 200 pixels, 24 bit, background transparent. Rename the layer to "bottom".
Bring up the image you wish to place within your locket at this time as well. If it is too large it can be rescaled to fit (Image || Resize). However it should be at least as large as 200 x 200 pixels for good clarity.
Use your Selection tool:
Selection type = Ellipse
Feather = 0
Antialias = checked
Begin at the coordinates (300, 100) and draw an ellipse watching your status bar until the coordinates in the last brackets read (.674).
Click on the Floodfill tool:
Blend mode = Normal
Match mode = RGB Value
Tolerance = 0
Opacity = 100
Set your foreground style to Solid Color (click on the arrow in the Foreground-Style box and choose the icon on the left). Then click into your Foreground-Style box and set your foreground color to a gold color (I used Red = 201, Green = 205, Blue = 83). Set your foreground texture to None.
Click into the selection to fill it with the color. Use Ctrl-C (Edit || Copy) to copy this image and use Ctrl-L (Edit || Paste || As New Layer) to paste this image as a new layer. On the Tool palette, the Mover tool has been activated when you pasted the new layer, now move this new oval to the opposite side of your document. Name this layer "top".

Now click on the image you wish to place into the locket. Press Ctrl-C to copy, return to your locket image and press Ctrl-L to paste the image as a new layer. Move the picture until it is properly centered within your already selected ellipse. If it is too large, click on the Deformation tool and, using the handles which appear, adjust the size. Click on "Apply" in the Tool Options palette when you are done. Name this layer "image".

You should still have your selection outlined so choose Selections || Modify || Contract by 3. Go to Selections || Invert and press Delete. This crops your picture to an oval and just a bit smaller for a better fit. Go to Selections || Invert again to reselect your picture. Do not deselect. Go to Effects || 3D Effects || Outer Bevel and choose the "Soft Edge" preset from the drop-down list. Click on OK.

You now have three layers, "image", "top" and "bottom". Turn off the "image" layer by clicking on the glasses at the right of the layer bar.
Select the "bottom" layer. Go to Selections || Modify || Contract by 5. Press Delete to delete the center of the locket bottom.
Click on your Magic Wand:
Match mode = RGB Value
Tolerance = 20
Feather = 0
Click on the remaining bottom locket edge to reselect it. Go to Effects || Texture Effects || Sculpture, choose the "Gold" preset from the drop-down box and click OK. Go to Selections || Modify || Contract by 1. Go to Selections || Invert and press Delete to clean up the edges. Deselect by right-clicking into the image.

If your "image" layer is above your "bottom" layer, click on it in the layer palette and drag it below the "bottom" layer so it appears under the now metal edge of the lower locket. At this point you can turn off your "top" layer (click on the little glasses next to its name in the layer palette) and merge the visible "bottom" and "image" layers with Layers || Merge || Merge Visible. Add a drop shadow: Go to Effects || 3D Effects || Drop Shadow:
Vertical Offset = 4
Horizontal Offset = 1
Opacity = 88
Blur = 30
Color = Black

      Click on the "top" layer in your layer palette to make it the active layer and turn it back on and, using the Magic Wand, select the left ellipse. Go to Effects || 3D Effects || Sculpture and choose the "Gold" preset, click OK. Go to Selections || Modify || Contract by 1. Invert with Selections || Invert and press Delete. Deselect by right-clicking into your image.

Now you can get fancy. Take a decorative font character (I used the letter "e" of the font "Flower Show") and place it on a new layer above the "top" layer. You can either create it as vector text and resize it and convert to raster, or just use floating selection and place it in position on top of the locket cover.

Next go to Effects || 3D Effects || Cutout:
Vertical/Horizontal Offset = 1
Opacity = 90
Blur = 7
Color = black
Fill interior with color = checked (choose the color of your locket top by clicking into the color box and touching the top of the locket with the appearing Dropper tool).

Click on OK. If you'd like to use even more decoration, try the Effects || Geometric Effects || CurlyQs and play with the settings to see if you like the changes.

Make the bottom layer (called "merged") invisible by clicking on the little glasses next to its name in the layer palette, make sure one of the other layers is the active layer and go to Layers || Merge || Merge Visible to merge your text and "top" layer. You can turn the bottom layer visible again, but the top layer must stay the active layer.
For shinier highlights, I used a free plug-in: Go to Effects || Plug-in Filter || Filter Factory Gallery A || Pool Shadow:
Control 1 = 128
Control 2 = 141
Control 3 = 118
Control 4 = 146
Control 5 = 63
Control 6 = 45
Shadow Intensity = 28
Brightness = 171

Click on the Mover tool in your tool palette and move the locket cover in position over the locket bottom. Move the layers in your layer palette if necessary so the cover is above the image layer.

Now click on the Deformation tool in your tool palette and skew the cover slightly (take the center right handle with your mouse and drag it to the left) so a portion of the picture is showing. Remember that pressing and holding Ctrl and Shift while using the Deformation tool will allow you to further deform the shape at angles.

Add a light shadow on this layer: Go to Effects || 3D Effects || Drop Shadow:
Vertical Offset = 1
Horizontal Offset = 9
Opacity = 88
Blur = 26
Color = black
If desired, add a chain to your locket: On a new layer, make a small ellipse selection and fill with your original gold color. Go to Selections || Modify || Contract by 2 or 3 pixels and press Delete. Reselect the edge of the "link" with your Magic Wand. Go to Effects || Texture Effects || Sculpture and choose the "Gold" preset. If you'd like additional links then duplicate your link layer and position and rotate (with the Deformation tool) as desired. Add a drop shadow as above.

Add a background layer below the others, use whatever texture or color you like, merge all layers (Layers || Merge || Merge All). Using your Crop tool, crop your image to the desired size.