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Decorative Easter Eggs
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Decorative Easter Eggs
Created by: Kiss~


Open an image 400 X 400 pixels with a transparent background. Select the Picture Tube button, find the Colored Balls tube and set the scale to 200. Then click into the center of the image to place a colored ball there. If you don't like the color of the ball, press on the Undo button and try again.


Once you have a ball you like in your image, press on the Paint Brush button. Then press  the Tool Options Pallet button. In the Tool Options Palette, find the little paint brush on the right and press on it, then select Custom. Scroll down the Custom Brushes view panel until you find a form you like. Press OK.  Adjust the size of the brush to meet your needs.


Make sure that you have selected the solid color option.  To check this click the small Triangle on the color palette.  Then click the small paintbrush icon.


Now choose a color to decorate the ball we just created. Choose as many different colors as you like and decorate the ball by clicking all over the mouse.  You should now have something like this.

Note: I used a star brush, but you can use whatever you like!


Now we're ready to make the ball into an egg!  To do this click:  Effects || Geometric Effects || Perspective-Horizontal.  With a setting of 45%


We have used a large ball so it would be easier to decorate, but it's too big and blurry! We'll have to resize it now, so go to Image || Resize and resize it to 50% of the original. Press OK.


Go to Layers || Merge All (Flatten). This will merge the layers and add a default white background.

Note: If you want a different color background, do not flatten your image!

Open a new image, 200 X 200 with the background color of your choice. Now, click on the egg image to highlight it and go to Edit || Copy. Highlight the image with the colored background, then Edit || Paste as new selection, and center the egg on it. Deselect it by going to Selections || Select None.