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How to Glitter Fonts
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How To Glitter Fonts
Created by:Fran Oldenburg

I find this method fills a font better than using the magic wand. You will need glitter for this tutorial and you may download some or all of mine from my Glitter page. (Also, you might like to check out my Web site here.)

Save them to a new folder, put where you will find more easily. I keep mine in the Jasc Software (paint shop pro) folder in a folder I named Glitters.

Download the attachments for this tutorial Download Files

The glitter I am using for this tutorials is able to be downloaded here.


1. Open a New Image in PSP:
400 x 200 pixels
16 Million Colors

Font Glitter Image

2. Open your Animation Workshop:
File || Jasc Software Products || Launch Animation Shop
and 'Open' your 'Glitter' image.

Font Glitter Images in PSP

3. In SHOP, highlight 'Frame 1' (left click on Frame 1 so it is outlined in blue), Right Click on it and in context menu Select 'Copy' [Control+C].

Go to PSP and 'Paste as a New Image'
Edit || Paste || As New Image [Control+V].

In Shop, copy Frame 2 and then Frame 3 and paste each as a new image in PSP. You will end up in PSP with all three (3) glitter images along with the Transparent Canvas.


4. Set your Text

In this next set of steps, we will set the Text with the three Glitter Patterns and when finished will be ready to animate them for a very neat animated image.

Text tool

A. Set the Text Options

Click on the 'Text Tool'
Click in your Transparent Canvas to activate the Text Window and set these options:


  • Kerning and Leading = 0
  • Auto Kern = Unchecked
  • Create as = Vector
  • Antialias = Checked
  • Textures = Null for both Stroke and Fill

  • Name: Select a name or font type by clicking on the Down Arrow. (The Font Name I used for this tutorial is 'BrushScript BT'.)
  • Script = Western

  • In Styles, for both Stroke and Fill we will use the Glitter Images from PSP that we just set previously. Do the following for both Stroke and Fill:
    • Click on the Right Arrow
    • Set 'Pattern' (Third icon from left of a square of nine dots)
    • Click on the Pattern Box and in the Context menu, click on the down arrow in the pattern box.
    • Scroll to the top and find the first of the three images set above in PSP and click on it.
    • Scale = 100
    • Angle = 0
    • Click on OK
  • In the Enter Text Here, use a 'text' such as your Name.
  • Set Size = 72

  • Do Not click on OK yet

Text in Canvas with Glitter

In the Transparent Canvas, your Text will appear with the Glitter Pattern. It is possible that the text will be too large for the canvas. If it is quite large, just reset the Size Value to a lower value.

  • Make sure the 'Text' is highlighted
  • In the Size Box, change the value.
    (I used a value of '68')
  • Click on the 'Text' in the text box and your text size in the canvas should change accordingly.
  • If still too large, just try another lower value until you arrive at a value that you like.
  • When satisfied, click on OK to set the Text to your Canvas.

At this point your text will appear with a box and handles surrounding it (because we set the text as a 'Vector'). To Center the text use: Objects || Align || Center in Canvas. Then Deselect. [Control+D] or Right Click in an area of the canvas outside of the vector box.


B. We now want to create two additional text images in our canvas, each with a different glitter pattern.

  • With your Text Tool still selected, click in your canvas in a transparent area for the 'Text' Window.
  • In the 'Stroke' and 'Fill' click on the box and scroll to find the next of the three Glitter Patterns and select it for both.
  • No other values are changed.
  • Click on 'OK' to set the text.
  • Use: Objects || Align || Center in Canvas
  • Deselect [Control+D] or 'Right' Click in Canvas.
  • Repeat the above for the third Glitter Pattern.

You will now have a Layer Palette of Two Layers. The bottom layer is 'Layer1' (a Raster transparent Layer) and 'Layer1 (a 'Vector' Layer with three sub-layers, each having a text with a different glitter pattern. The text of all three sub-layers will be aligned over one another.)

Text in Canvas with a Glitter Pattern

Text in Canvas with a Glitter Pattern

Text in Canvas with a Glitter Pattern

C. We need each of these three sub-layers with text and a different pattern to be in a separate layer.

  • Create a New Top Vector Layer (Right Click on Layer2 and in context menu, select 'New Vector Layer'.
  • In Layer2, highlight the top sublayer and hold down mouse button and drag it to Layer3 (the new vector layer).
  • Create a New Top Vector Layer again.
  • Again, in Layer2, highlight the top sub-layer and hold down mouse button and drag it to Layer4 (the new vector layer).
Now you have three top vector layers, each one has a different Text Glitter Pattern.
  • Right Click on a Vector Layer
  • In Context Menu, select 'Convert to Raster Layer'
  • Convert the two remaining Vector Layers to Raster Layers.
These three text layers are now ready to be made into an Animated Text Glitter Image.


5. Save Your Text Images

Save each of the three images in a folder you can find easily and name each file in a name you will remember. (Example: 1.psp, 2.psp, 3.psp)


6. Create an Animated Glitter Text Image

In SHOP, click on the Animation Wizard: File || Animation Wizard and then set the following options:

  • Same Size as First Image, then click on Next
  • Transparent, then click on Next
  • Settings in this window unimportant, so click on Next.
  • Yes, Repeat indefinitely and set length of display to 10, then click on Next.
  • You will add the three images you saved here:
    • Click on 'Add Image' and find your directory where you save them.
    • Highlight all three, and click on 'Open'
    • If you want to order the images, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons.
    • Then, click on Next
  • Click on 'Finish'

In SHOP, you will have an Animation with three frames.

Animated Glitter Font Image

To View your animation use: View || Animation

Your work is done so Save It:

  • Use: File || Save As
  • Select a File Name
  • Set the Quality Options as you wish and just click on 'Next' in the following screens.
  • Finish up by clicking on 'Finish'
You will have a very nice Glitter Font Animation to display on your Web Pages. With this technique you can glitter any font name and title easily and spectacularly.

-- GameLover55 --