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Graffiti Text Effect
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Graffiti Text Effect
Created by: Zu

This is a fun technique which creates an effect like graffiti on a wall.
Create a new image: 200x200 pixels, background black, 16 million colors.

Select your Airbrush tool, set as follows:
Shape = Round
Size = 200
Hardness = 100
Opacity = 50
Step = 25
Density = 50


Set your foreground style to Solid Color (click on the arrow in the Foreground Style box and choose the icon on the left), then click into the Foreground Style box and set your foreground color to a light gray (Red = 192, Green = 192, Blue = 192).


Set your foreground texture to Texture (click on the arrow in the Foreground Texture box and choose the icon on the left), then click into your Foreground Texture box and choose the "Small Bricks" texture from the drop-down box.


Click and spray over the entire image to bring out the brick texture and create a wall effect.


Select the Text tool and click into the image to bring up the dialog box. Choose an irregular font that resembles handwriting. I recommend a bold setting, not too small. I used Ashton's Hand, bold, 36.

Create as = Selection, Antialias checked.


Enter an appropriate graffiti message in the text entry box and click on OK.

Go to Selections || Modify || Feather and set the value to 3, click on OK.


Select your Airbrush tool and change the following settings:

Leave the remaining settings the same.


Set your foreground color to anything that will contrast well with the gray. I chose a medium purple. Make sure that the foreground texture is still set to Small Bricks.


Now you're going to use the text selection as a stencil. Click and spray over the letters until you achieve the desired coverage.

By feathering the edges and softening the brush, we get blurred edges resembling true spray paint. Making the brush smaller gives a more uneven coverage, again resembling the real thing. Leaving the texture the same allows it to show through, making it even more realistic.


And there you go ... you're a digital graffiti artist!

Just don't tell your parents I taught you this ... *g*