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Blinking Kitten Eyes
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Blinking Kitten Eyes
Created by:Laura Tillson

In this tutorial I'll show you how I made the kitten's eyes blink. Of course, the same principle works for blinking eyes in general! :-)
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OK... first you need an image. You are welcome to use mine ... just download it with the file on the left.
Standard Toolbar - Open (image) button Open the image in PSP. Once you have your image open, go to Windows || Duplicate.
Tool Palette - Zoom tool OK ... now you have two images. Close the original and zoom right in on the duplicated one.
Tool Palette - Freehand (lasso) tool Use your Lasso tool set to:
Selection Type = Point-to-Point
Feather = 0
Antialias = checked
Very carefully click your way around the eye.

When you have finished one, hold down your Shift key and do the same with the other eye.

you should have marching ants around both eyes.

Tool Palette - Clone Brush tool Now use your Clone Brush ... Shape = Round, Size set at around 5 or 6, you don`t need it too big.
Right-click anywhere on the kitten's fur ... it's a good idea to clone fur which is laying in the right direction for the eyes, it will look more natural. I chose a beige/brown colour. Then, using your left mouse button, just colour inside the selections.

Mmmmm ... looks a bit bright/dark/stark? We`d better fix that. First deselect with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None).

Tool Palette - Retouch tool And then use your Retouch tool, again Shape = Round and Size at 5 or 6, Opacity and Density at 50, and retouch mode set to "Smudge":
Very gently ... a bit at a time ... just smudge the eye into the face fur. Try to blend the edges in especially.

Looking better?

Well, just to be sure ... Still using Retouch tool, but set to "Soften", same size ... just run it over the eye and round the edges a few times

Notice how it`s blending nicely?

Standard Toolbar - Save (image) button Right, you can now save these two images as "kitty1.psp" and "kitty2.psp".

Go to File || Jasc Software Products || Launch Animation Shop and use the Wizard (File || Animation Wizard). If you`re using my image you will need to have a transparent background ... you can leave all the other settings as they are.

Where it says, "Specify the images which are to be loaded as frames ..." ... click on the "Add Image" button and bring up your two images, then click on "Next" again. OK so far? Let`s finish up.

Right-click on the open-eye image, then in the box that comes up click on "Frame Properties". See the number in the box? Change it to ... about 250 should do.

Right-click on the closed-eye image, choose "Frame Properties", and change the number to about 25.

That`s it view your animation!

You may want to play with the numbers in "Frame Properties", make him blink faster or slower.

The important thing is that you ...

Have fun!