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Tubes - St Patrick's Day
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Tubes - St. Patrick's Day
Created by:Kawliga

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To follow this tutorial, you first should download some tubes. There are 6 St Patrick tubes you can download from the Jasc website, and we'll use some flower tubes that you can download on the left.
Open a new image we'll use an image 500 x 500 pixels, background = transparent, 16 million colors so we have plenty of room to work with.
Click on the Preset Shapes tool in your tool palette:
Shape = Ellipse
Retain style = checked
Antialias = n/a
Create as vector = unchecked
Line width = n/a
Line style = Default line
Hold the Shift key and draw a medium-sized circle in the middle of the image (if you draw with the right mouse button you can begin drawing the circle in the center of your image).
Add a new layer. We do this so we can keep the circle in the background.
Now we'll start using the Tubes tool. That is the pen-and-inkwell icon next to the Floodfill can.

Select the Clover tube and have it set at a scale of 100%. Draw tubes on the edge of the circle.

You may need a few tries to get this right, because there are 24 different clovers within this tube. Use Ctrl + Z (undo) often if you don't like something.

If you have a wreath, and you are not quite happy with it, don't delete it, just make a new layer, and try again. The discarded wreath can be used as a filler to other ones.

To use more layers in your wreath: Turn the visibility off on the existing wreath, and start over on the new layer. Once you have made a second wreath, turn the visibility of the other wreath on.

The wreath I made is actually a combination of 4 wreath layers, which I then merged to make one.

OK, now we will get onto decorating the wreath. Make a new layer.
Select "Roseleaf" from the drop-down menu in your Control panel / Tool Options palette and have it set at a scale of 100%. Decorate the bottom of the wreath with an array of leaves.

To create a symmetrical decoration, design one side, copy (Edit || Copy) and paste as new selection (Edit || Paste || As New Selection) and then mirror that selection (Image || Mirror).

Now were going to put a rose in the middle. Make a new layer.
Select "Scullrose" from the drop-down menu and have that set at a scale of 100% also.

Place the tube in the middle of the rose leaves. I used the white one.

On the left you see the wreath with the leaves and rose placed at the bottom.

This was just one idea ... Decorate the wreath in any way you like! ;o) Below are some examples of decorated wreaths.
We added more tubes the Flower tube at a scale of 25% and the little white flowers were set at a scale of 10%.
We decorated these two images in the St Patrick's Day fashion.

The bottles and beer mugs at a scale of about 25% or smaller were placed on the wreath with the gold coins in a layer below.

For this image, place small gold coins set at a scale of 15-25% around the wreath, and decorate with shamrocks set at a scale of 10%.
I also attempted making a bar scene type thing ... It's not that great, but it illustrates the use of tubes.