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Chrome Text Effect
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Chrome Text Effect
Created by: Zu

Learn to make chrome and metallic text like above in a few easy steps.
Create a new image: 200 x 200 pixels, background color white, 16 million colors.

Select the Text tool and click anywhere into the image to bring up the Text Entry dialog box. Choose a large, bold text ... I used Arial black, bold, 28. Set your Styles to: Stroke = None, Fill = Solid Color, click into the Fill box and choose a very light gray (Red = 220, Green = 220, Blue = 220).

Check both Antialias and Floating Selection, set remaining options as desired.

Click on OK. Do not deselect the text!

Go to Selections || Modify || Expand, set the value to 2 or 3 and click on OK.
Set your foreground color to white.
Go twice to Image || Other || Hot Wax Coating.
Go to Colors || Adjust || Brightness/Contrast and set as follows: Brightness = 80
Contrast = 80

Now deselect by going to Selections || Select None.

This works to make any color metallic text. Just set the fill color to a very light shade of the color you want.