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Text - Laser Beam Effect
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Text - Laser Beam Effect
Created by: Raymond

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create slick looking laser beam (or ghost) type text.
Open a new image, about 300x300 pixels, black background, 16 million colors.
Click on the New Layer icon in your layer palette to create a new layer for your text.
Click on the Text tool in your tool palette and then into the image. Type out a word or something. I had: Arial Rounded, 28 pt, Bold, Floating Selection, Antialias checked. Styles: Stroke = None, Fill = Solid Color (Red = 65, Green = 154, Blue = 255).
Center the text in your image and right-click to deselect.

Go to Effects || Blur || Gaussian Blur and blur by 2.

Right-click on the current layer in your layer palette and choose "Duplicate" from the pop-up menu. Do that twice, and give these two layers the Dodge blend mode. The more times you duplicate these layers, the brighter the text will become.
To change the look of your text and make it look more like a laser beam, change the opacity on each layer. In the example on the left, I had an opacity of 85 for the topmost layer and an opacity of 60 for the second layer from top.
Hint: Try to experiment with this tutorial. Try to use it on other things beside text and see what you come up with! :)