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Cross-Stitch Christmas Ornaments
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Cross-Stitch Christmas Ornaments
Created by: Mesca

Cross-Stitch Christmas Ornaments

This tutorial shows a great way to make cross-stitched ornaments that could be used for any occasion. Let's get started!

Download the attachments for this tutorial  Download File
Download the ZIP file which contains .tub files of 5 graphics you can use for this tutorial and add to your tube library if you wish.

Standard Toolbar - New (image) button
Create a new image:
– Width = 200 pixels
– Height = 250 pixels
– Resolution = 72 pixels/inch
– Background color = Transparent
– Image type = 16.7 million colors (24bit)

Tool Palette - Selection tool
Activate the Selection tool and set as follows:
– Selection type = Circle
– Feather = 0
– Antialias = checked

Status Bar - bottom left of view

Special Tip

To draw the circle we will use the Status bar as a reference point. You'll find this located at the bottom left of your screen.

If you don't see the status bar, follow one of these steps to turn it on: Either
– right-click the empty space of a palette or tool bar and choose
   "Toolbars" from the menu, or
– choose View || ToolBars,
then select the Status Bar checkbox in the Toolbars dialog box.


Tool Palette - Selection tool

With the Selection tool still selected, position your cursor near the center of the transparent image. With the left mouse button, draw out a circle of approximately 190 x 190.

Track the size of your selection by looking at the values inside the 3rd set of parenthesis inside the Status bar. Release the mouse button to make the selection.

Tool Palette - Mover tool

Activate the Mover tool.

Right-click inside the circle, hold the right mouse button down, then drag and position the circle just a little below the center of the image.

We'll be adding on smaller parts of the image at the top later.

Set Styles and Colors:
– Foreground Style = Solid Color
– Foreground Color = Gold (Red = 228, Green = 163, Blue = 22)
– Background Style and both Textures = Null
– Lock = checked
Special Tip

The HTML color code for the above color is: #E4A316.

For a shortcut, you can copy and paste this HTML code inside your color palette instead of typing in each of the color values.

Tool Palette - Flood Fill tool Activate the Floodfill tool and floodfill the circle.

Go to Selections || Modify || Contract and set
– Number of pixels = 20
Click on OK.

Hit the Delete key to erase the middle of the circle. Then press Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None) to deselect.


Tool Palette - Magic Wand tool

Activate the Magic Wand tool and set as follows:
– Match mode = RGB Value
– Tolerance = 0
– Feather = 0
– Sample merged = unchecked

Click on the gold ring to select it.


Go to Effects || 3D Effects || Inner Bevel and set as follows:
– Bevel Type = The quarter round. (On my palette, it's the 2nd
   one from the left in the top row)
– Width = 8
– Smoothness = 4
– Depth = 2
– Ambience = 31
– Shininess = 58
– Color = White
– Angle = 314
– Intensity = 50
– Elevation = 20

Click on OK and deselect with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None).

Layer Palette - Create layer button Create a new layer.
Tool Palette - Selection tool     Tool Palette - Flood Fill tool     Tool Palette - Mover tool

Activate the Selection tool and change
– Selection type = Ellipse.

Use the Status bar as a reference and draw an ellipse of approximately 70 x 20 pixels.

Activate the Floodfill tool, color unchanged, and click inside the selection to floodfill it.

Apply the Inner Bevel effect (Effects || 3D Effects || Inner Bevel) with the same settings as before.

Deselect with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None).

Activate the Mover tool and move the ellipse on the top edge of the circle, then move "Layer2" below "Layer1" in your Layer palette.

Standard Toolbar - Copy button Copy "Layer2" (Ctrl+C or Edit || Copy) and paste as new layer (Ctrl+L or Edit || Paste || As a New Layer).

Go to Image || Resize and set as follows:
– Percentage of Original = checked
– Width x Height = 75
– Resize all layers = unchecked
– Maintain aspect ratio = checked

Click on OK, move that layer beneath "Layer2" in your layer palette and, with the Mover tool, position it behind and a little above the other ellipse in your image.

Standard Toolbar - Copy button Copy "Layer1" (the ring) with Ctrl+C (Edit || Copy) and paste it as a new layer with Ctrl+L (Edit || Paste || As a New Layer).

Go again to Image || Resize and resize that layer only to 25% (just change the value for the width and height under "Percentage of Original" to 25).

Move this layer beneath "Layer3" in your Layer palette and with your Mover tool position it at the top and behind the oval.

Save your work in .psp format, then go to Layers || Merge || Merge visible.



I recommend that you save this image as a tube too. To do this go to File || Export || Picture Tube. Don't change any of the settings, they're filled in automatically. Just enter a name for your image where it says "Tube name" and click on OK.

By doing this, you will have the hard part done and can make numerous ornaments.


Tool Palette - Magic Wand tool

Now ... Let's get to the fun part and decorate!

Activate the Magic Wand tool, leave the settings unchanged. Click into the center of the circle to select it.

Tool Palette - Flood Fill tool

Activate the Floodfill tool and floodfill the selection with your choice of background color (I used white).

Do not yet deselect!


Go to Effects || Texture Effects || Texture and set as follows:
– Texture = "Blocks.bmp" (#68)
– Size = 25
– Smoothness = 0
– Depth = 1
– Ambience = 0
– Shininess = 0
– Color = White
– Angle = 315
– Intensity = 50
– Elevation = 30

Note: If you hover your cursor over the texture choices, the name of the texture will appear.

Click on OK and deselect (Ctrl+D or Selections || Select None).

Standard Toolbar - Open (image) button     Standard Toolbar - Copy button Now open your favorite Christmas tube provided with the download file. Copy it (Ctrl+C or Edit || Copy), then paste as a new layer onto the background (Ctrl+L or Edit || Paste || As a New Layer).
Tool Palette - Deformation tool If you do not wish to save the images from the download file as tubes, you can use the Deformation tool to resize the image to fit inside the frame.
Finished Image

Go again to Effects || Texture Effects || Texture and apply it to this layer with the same settings as before.

Your cross stitch ornament is now complete. Enjoy doing a lot of them and decorating a tree!