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Italian Blown Glass Candy Dish
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Italian Blown Glass Candy Dish
Created by: Barbara Townsend

In this tutorial, we will create a quick and easy candy dish that resembles Italian blown glass. We will use a texture in the Materials palette, some Geometric Effects and Preset Shapes.

New Image
Create a new image:
– Width and Height = 400 Pixels
– Resolution = 72 Pixels/inch
– Background = Raster Background
– Color Depth = 16.7 Million Colors
– Color = Transparent checked
Materials Palette - Materials Box  Materials Solid Color Option

In your Materials palette, set the Foreground Style:
– Color = White
– Texture = checked: Evergreen.

Set your Background Style:
– Color = Navy (Red = 29, Green = 45, Blue = 112; #1D2D70).


Flood Fill Tool

Use your Flood Fill tool set to:
– Match mode = None
– Blend mode = Normal
– Opacity = 100

Flood-fill with the Background Color first (right-click), then flood-fill with the Foreground Color on the same layer (left-click).


Now let's apply some effects to this:

First go to Effects || Geometric Effects || Circle:
– Transparent = checked

Then go to Effects || Geometric Effects || Cylinder - Vertical:
– Strength = 50

Now go to Effects || Geometric Effects || Pentagon:
– Transparent = checked

Last go to Adjust || Sharpen || Sharpen.


We will save a selection of this image to an alpha channel so we can use it later to get rid of extra things:

First, for the selection, go to Selections || Select All (Ctrl+A), then to Selections || Float (Ctrl+F).

Now, for saving to an alpha channel, go to Selections || Load/Save Selection || Save Selection to Alpha Channel and just click on Save. Now deselect with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None).


Materials Palette - Materials Box  Materials Gradient Option

We are going to make a band around the middle of our candy dish. First, we need to set our Foreground Material to Gradient. I used:
– Gradient = a gold metallic (or brass metallic, your choice)
– Angle = 45
– Repeats = 1
– Invert = unchecked
– Style = Linear
– Texture = unchecked

I used the Navy for my Background Color which is still set, but you may wish a darker or lighter color taken from the candy dish.

Preset Shapes Tool

Click on your Preset Shapes tool:
– Shape = Rectangle
– Retain style = unchecked
– Create as vector = checked
– Anti-alias = checked
– Line style = Default line
– Width = 3.0

Starting at the coordinates (x:0, y:155) draw out a rectangle to (x:400, y:175). Then right-click on the vector layer in your Layer palette and choose "Convert to Raster Layer" from the pop-up menu.


Move Tool

Since we saved the selection of our image to an alpha channel, we can easily get rid of the overhang on this layer now: Go to Selections || Load/Save Selections || Load Selection from Alpha Channel. We have saved one selection only, so you can just click on Load.

Now go to Selections || Invert and press the Delete key (Edit || Clear). Deselect with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None). Then go to Layers || Merge || Merge Visible – and I hope you have saved before this.

You can now move the candy dish down some so you can make the top "handle".

Preset Shapes Tool

Back to our Preset Shapes tool for the top handle. Change your Shape to Ellipse, all other settings are the same as before. Draw a small ellipse at the top for a handle.

Then go to Layers || Merge || Merge Visible again.

That's it! If you wish you can now also save this image as a tube (File || Export || Tube).

Special Tip You can also use a Lilac (Red = 192, Green = 192, Blue = 255; #C0C0FF) instead of the Navy for your Background Color in the beginning. Then use the One Step Photo Fix of the Photo toolbar on this layer to increase the depth of the colors. The outcome would be a little bit darker than the one shown above.
  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did creating it for you!