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Round Picture Frames from Gradients
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Round Picture Frames from Gradients
Created by: StellaB

The idea of this tutorial is very similar to the one called 'Square Picture Frames from Gradients'. A few things are different so I created this tutorial to explain them. After doing this tutorial you should have endless ideas for framing pictures with gradients.
Download File Download File
You need to use a photo with a central point of interest. Use your own if you like but you are welcome to use mine from the download file on the left.
Open Image     Selection Tool

Selected circular area of picture

Open the picture that you wish to frame and duplicate it with Window || Duplicate (Shift+D). Close the original.

Use the Selection tool set at:
– Selection type = Circle
– Mode = Replace
– Feather = 0
– Anti-alias = checked

Begin with the cursor in the centre of the area you want to frame. I used this photo of a wedding bouquet. Hold down the left mouse button and drag from the centre until you have the size circle you want.

The cut out circular picture

Go to Edit || Copy (Ctrl+C), then to Edit || Paste || Paste As New Image (Ctrl+V).

Now resize your picture: Go to Image || Resize:
– Width and Height = 250 Pixels
– Resample using = Smart Size
– Lock aspect ratio = checked
– Resize all layers = checked

Save as a .pspimage or .psp file. You now have your round picture ready to frame.

New Image     Flood Fill Tool Open a new image, 500 x 500 pixels with transparent background, and activate the Flood Fill tool.
Materials Palette - Materials Box  Materials Gradient Option

The sunburst gradient for the frame

Set your Foreground Material to Gradient, click into the Foreground Materials box and choose a gradient to compliment your picture, set at:
– Gradient = your choice
– Style = Sunburst
– Repeats = your choice

Flood-fill your new image. You will now have a series of concentric circles.

Selection Tool

New Raster Layer     Flood Fill Tool

Framed picture

Activate the picture image. Take the layer with your round picture with your mouse, drag it from your Layer palette and drop it onto the image with the sunburst gradient. It will automatically align to the centre.

Now decide how wide you want the frame to be. Use the Selection tool still set at Circle. Place your cursor in the center of your image. Make sure the cursor markers are both exactly on the 250 lines. Hold down the left mouse button and drag outward until you have the size you require.

Go to Edit || Copy Merged (to copy both layers), then to Edit || Paste || Paste As New Image (Ctrl+V). The framed picture will now have a transparent background.

If you want to use it on a web page it is a good idea to flood-fill the background with the colour of your web page. To do this add another raster layer (Layers || New Raster Layer), keep it activated but move it to the bottom in your Layer palette, then flood-fill it.

Hanging frame

To put your frame on a background with a wider edging, open a new image about 150 Pixels larger each side than the frame. Flood-fill this with a pattern of your choice to represent wallpaper.

Activate the frame image with the transparent background and drag it from the Layer palette to the new background. It will automatically centre itself.

Hey presto, it is hanging on the wall.

(Also see the title image on top with a different "wallpaper".)

Variation on a theme

One last image to show a variation!

Remember: If you make a mistake or don't like what you have done, use the Undo button. Even deleting your image and starting again is better than struggling with something you don't really like!

There are infinite possibilities for making frames in this way. Just experiment and have fun!